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And I give you two extra episodes every month on the patriot just us talking pretty timely about whatever we're dealing with in the moment, we record these episodes, kind of advance, so we don't get to, you know, we don't get to give you what's really going on our moment. All the emotional tumbled. We sit on our couch and we get into at on my, yes. Except episodes where we bicker we do not relieve. Lou Aaron are thirty laundry, the, the lost episode bickered decided not to put it out. People are paying but yeah, for five dollars for less than a sack of moss stays also, you know, this episode, we got what Ryan is advice episode people are calling in their writing in and we and our guest, we get into we get we give answers. We are not professional, but we think we are. So if you would ever like some advice, or ask on behalf of somebody, and if you are going on call in was the number Andy three two, three five two four seven eight three nine. Of course, you can get all the stuff at the couple's therapy website, finally Naomi contest, if you writer review five star review write something nice for us on the website and then tweet the ticket screen-grabbed tweeted at us. We got one of these spa eggs, it is an essential oil diffuser. And so help me go. I use it. It from my best, I have one. I like to soak read some comic books at the back of the spa. The spa egg. The essential oil diffuser. We got an extra one in the box new. And if you send us your review of our show, then we'll pick one out and we'll send you an essential oil her. All right, guys. Let's info, but now get ready to listen to us sit down with Ryan and help you I on the Fisher. Rollet. Notably. Everyone reads it with, like NPR ASM are vibe our gross. By the way, is it gross or just Terry gross, Terry disgusting? Terry. Terry vile, Kurt vile sister. Yeah. Everyone reads it with the, the sole tree vibes. Really? We'd actually makes me feel triggered because I thought I was doing a new spin. But it turns out, I'm literally just like everybody. Oh. His being special. Your first time at the rodeo, okay. Look a pro. I've been pro literally burst Zack's eardrums with your screaming at on my major off Michalis now. That's you know, Mike for my here ice cream to know your scream was fine really always. I'm like, how should I guess privilege as Brian Ryan O'Connell is here, and it's like literally all ever wanted because basically, so we have mutual friends? When we is it is Oliver gifted writer. I call him performer, even though feel he wouldn't say that I think he's definitely input literally performs. Right. Because he goes, he goes, well, I'm reading, and I'm like, no. You're giving us those words, Honey, we met through we met through Isaac. And then Andy, and I and it was funny, actually because even before even before we watch special as it was, like, I think he would really like my friend. Ryan. He's like you said, the same thing to eating little dogs living, laughing, and loving, and he was writing the, the Iraq are thin pizza. No, I was never gonna pizza there. I would never get the rice ball, the chicken parm. That's the only thing to do. I don't know why I had to stop this to throw shade a little bit. Sponsor me. Please go there like once a week and is it was like you need to meet my from now. I was like Ello, I'm like fully obsessed with her. I love her comatose, and then he said, and of course, her fiance, Andy, who is also dazzling his own right dazzling ensure that I say that. He did say let's get Isaac did say on the fucking line right now..

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