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One of the greatest of all time if you were a kid came on the field that they're one of one of the ball games that he was calling and Terry you just won the game the game had been excruciatingly slow right hand and he had nothing to talk about then all of a sudden this drunk guy runs on the field and he went full blown like game is tied into the fourth quarter announcing as great exactly so Monday Night Football at Giants Stadium MetLife stadium in a New Jersey cowboys giants a cat ran on the field okay a black cat ran on the field Kevin Harlan thank heavens was was in the stadium making the call for Monday Night Football this is what it sounded like he's walking to the three he said the two the CW red zone you know a police state troopers we don't know where to go look at the trying to corner room the end zone troopers all wellness cat which no one's up in the stands running for the one I was running in the back then runs up it's not well it turns out there's a lot of stray cats that live in around MetLife stadium because Meadowlands racetrack is near there one time they had a problem with rodents so they brought in a bunch of barn cats to take care of the rodent problem they did it but then they also did with cats like to do and suddenly there a lot of cats there one worker that works at MetLife stadium says there's about three hundred of these cats that live in around the car the sports complex whole MetLife stadium says now I don't think it's that many discusses sale I'm going through twenty five pound bags of food each week you know feeding these cats and they do feed the cats this one worker they call in the cat man is going to give his real name is who get in trouble says yeah I actually sneak in some some wet food form to because they like the wet food but what is even better in the same line of thinking and same line journalism as Kevin Harlan Sports Illustrated Charlotte Wilder one of their writers wrote this whole piece in Sports Illustrated the in parentheses extremely true story of the cat that street the field at MetLife black cat ran onto the giants cowboy game field Monday night little did you know that cat had been plotting that moments for very many years Shelley whiskers when your whole life for that moment for her moment the one where she'd be able to streak across the field at MetLife stadium in front of thousands of people live in millions of people watching at home seconds before the New Jersey CAD made her appearance at the giants game against the cowboys on Monday Night Football fellow cat fans reported seeing her beneath the bleachers her tail twitching her green eyes glowing with determination and a sense of purpose greater than herself greater than her family greater than football greater than America this an act of defiance Grayson bravery for any cat who'd been told something wasn't pause a bowl yeah well that was just perfect right correct and the story just goes on it is hilarious it's called the Imprensa sees extremely true story of a cat the street the met the field at MetLife stadium it is I love it right I love when people have a sense of humor about this kind of stuff yeah you know the one ninety two cats not like the eagles could they chase away the sequel at oracle park Hey there you go I think you're on that idea we need them to get rid of those young rats in the sky and you know what those rats in the sky or on a damn schedule a I am convinced they know it what's going on with the game because they know when people start leaving because they they start flocking to the other foods there yeah those garlic fries have been dropped there around but I I mean I swear it's always like right after the seventh inning that's funny that they swing open especially in that game hello I you know I'm I bet does this those things aren't dumb they know where the food is the credit they're they're pretty dumb round nine yeah she won't get stepped on that's pretty difficult to do what if my body actually stepped on one either you just create a screen that you know uhhuh and he was walking along and crunch yeah yeah we actually had to kill it yeah I was right in front of the radio station to so that we had to go get the janitor he I came out like the whole like nothing to see here sweep up with that this bird that its next nap on access oh my gosh yeah I was awful you think you guys like six five he's he's a giant person and he was just in his phone he was doing something walking towards the building and all right hello that's Darwinism there because I mean think about it that CAD usually those things are quick and you know fly out of the way quickly obviously there was a slow one well maybe maybe was stoned or something can turn around here yeah what is on the ground SL maybe it stepped on a syringe was all high here now I don't man all I can hear I can hear Peter screaming at me now let him I will never know why would people eating tasty animals be mad mad at you well that's true the burger calm down so it is impossible burgers is out now I you know that's another thing into those are starting to bother me okay I've had one I liked it now I I kinda want for everybody just like stop doing it yeah it's like Frank and meet I don't want any part of it it's it's and it's not it's not bad it tastes just fine but it's like the whole thing that was kind of special about it was going to the brewery that I knew had one and then giving it a try now it's like you go through the Burger King drive through and they have an impossible burger and a taco now we do have an impossible taco no they have an impossible burger and tacos and both their town now yeah that's right all these things started happening after they legalize pot now we got tacos a Burger King we yeah thank you to you we got people are killing each other over Popeyes sandwiches that's right you give the fake chicken KFC I was in the store the other day and there's impossible sausage Alyeska mom when I saw on their website not their website I saw an article somewhere where was this might even on drudge not impossible fish on the way home my god yeah yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna try some plant based tilapia and these things are not necessarily healthier no they're not saying oh yeah the higher in fat and sodium sodium and all that stuff yeah here it is it is always excuse me was from delish dot com okay impossible food will soon be selling a faceless fresh product that found you he you adult tastes like it's caught fresh from the lake I've been to lobby was officials fish product Hey is this yeah I can see it not gonna be in pa impossible fish sticks my god what's the point exactly what is the point.

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