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Ear to ear and interviewed your independence stand kok here in the great white great white white white north of the columbia river canada washington state in this cold cold. But we're leaving. Tomorrow morning going back to phoenix. It's lady warm. I mean yes but you know we have Our good friend. Johnson is not too far away. We could we go. Great white north Yeah by illegal. We're not allowed it. It says are diseased or something you know we can't we can't talk so But we can get him on The shoes the really big show. Johnson is is ceo at the economic truth. John thorn stub sneezing is the founder of the nonprofit organization. The economic economic truth has over ten thousand followers and thirty plus countries. His organization analyzes current economic convinced the monetary system and geopolitical events from an objective standpoint and rather have john's nights and subjective standpoint. Anyway you know. And he's bringing out friend here ends or dara the a you are. You're telling me if i said it. Ready dot gov all right crypto currency enthusiast. Since two thousand fourteen crypto currency blockchain professionals in sixteen meaningful decentralisation advocate product owner of the u. Us network tell us about that. Blockchain protocol translating social and economic actions. Into did you reputation all sounds like some scuttle but to me. We're gonna we're gonna talk about about you us network you. Us is a universal reputation system consisting constituting an open source. Blockchain protocol built to be the standard for evaluation of trustworthiness on the network. All right john. Good morning how are you all doing fantastic. I don't think that close at fortunately. I've both probably like twenty five hundred kilometers away from you still. Wow wow that sounds like a lot. What what how far does actually less Hundred mile six hundred and yeah. You're you're north of michigan so when we were in michigan you were closer right. No i'm north of North dakota right you're closer to mich- anyway the is like it's like it's like big so well. We're closer to you on. The washing canadian border than we are in. Phoenix has put pathway. All right. oh okay what we're gonna do. Yeah you know. John's been to our home in phoenix phoenix. It was it was like you know Very nice visit and we got of course. It was august and it's like You know the weather but Introduce or two darah darah is my saying that right. It's like sleet dour of darrow. Nobody really calls me by my surname. Yeah why it's your name here. And i wanna be able to say it right you know. Always gonna close enough and he close enough debut. Tell me how to say it. Okay so andrew darrow off daryl. Yeah and that's what russian That's sort of that's not rushing. Actually that's i Russian version of Of a Caucasian surname. I guess because Originally it's a sounds like were just without the old oversleeping the russian Version of any Surname you can have so This is how it's like sen. Then yeah yeah yeah something like that. You know what ever okay. We're where are you at. And i'm in moscow. Sounds rushing to me all right. Okay so what we wanna do is first off. You know john will tell you. I'm already in you know i'm interested in what you got to say. And what this does we have on For the audience donna. Do me a favor. In the first hour. Today's archive put the fourth letter reprisal scuttle. But are going. There's people what we're talking about Pirateswithoutborders dot com is The decentralization of everything promotion pirates life for me biting and one of them is we have letters of captain mark and i may reprisal and we. Have you know a couple of documentaries barber. Which is the the doctor on the ship and captain kidd nail which is world to children you know. And they'll tell you. Show the fourth letter of reprisal is called scuttle butt scuttle but is and we see that. There's some other kind of reputation thing scuttle. But i think new zealand or something they're working on and and stop but instead of me you know winding about you know how something is or isn't good enough or whatever what we did is. We started writing these letters. Well better include this. It needs to be this. We want to have that scuttle but his a little bit different to where we did kind of detail it out a little bit. What we thought would be good and we'll see how we compare here and what we're looking for. Is your reputation precedes. You and i give you a perfect example. A close friend has a family home that He remodeled You know his family members passed away and his brother have this home there and he lives in phoenix area. Any needs somebody to stay there and watch it over the winter. You pay your own utilities. And whatever and make sure. The pipes don't person plow the driveway. I mean you know that kind of thing who'd you get who has a good reputation. Who do you want. Have living in your house that you can trust. Well you know it's You're almost three thousand miles away and you know you put all your cameras rail. It's up and everything but you're not gonna stop them from stealing your tv and copper so you go all right. Who do i who do i get. How do i do this. We asked the community. And you start looking around and This person's cool and they've done this and they've done that and they never do this and you never do that. And you don't know it worked out boom well a reputation thing. It would be great if in the community. We had some way cooked some way to identify. You know someone and their character their abilities or you know yeah. Yeah i knew everything about birthing babies. You know maybe not you know yeah i can pour foundations. I can driveway. I can build a house i can. I can yeah do you really and if you can have some way of having the appear review yelp for people kind of thing and we kind of described it in scuttle but what we were looking for so if you have something that can do that that we can use that could be injected into the pirate code we kind of a good. You know libertarian. Anarchist volunteers pirate of of high repute. Man i am all over it so tell me and or what we're talking about here at how close you think you might put that and we got like one minute. Then we'll come back. We'll pimp go okay so We started off as We wanted to To assassinate the to to let everyone Have the Have the opportunity to to know who's in front of them before they actually invest time and money into interaction with them so When you go to facebook or twitter you can see that. Some people have a lot of likes or they.

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