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They didn't say, oh, you gonna have this. And those I mean day thought that I have the height. I mean, they didn't know me. They just someone picture. Obviously, I need to do more pictures to build my portfolio my book and they had to see how I'm with people in front of camera shy. Can I change what's my look? What's you know? All those things? I mean, they didn't know that. So he wasn't. They were promising me a lot. They just thought, you know, if I would be interested, they think I have the look and it could be something interesting. I was at school that time and by with my parents, we said, you know, if you wanna give it a try. My parents said, if you want to give it a try, we'll support you will drive you to progress. I didn't live in Prague. I live in a small town. It was like an hour and a half. So you know, my dad owned, my mom had to come with me, drive me there for castings. And and that time in in my country, there was not really that much to do for fourteen year olds in fashion. You know, it was more like maybe commercial Lauder, a little teenager, magazines ponytails or braids, you know. So that was kind of stuff. I could do an idea of the beginning, but it was interesting if you remember. I said, I didn't like being photograph in that time. But then when I started to build my portfolio and work with the professionals photographers, something like clicked and it was like, I've done this before. It was the strangest thing. I knew what to do. I understood the light and you know, I kind of felt comfortable and then, yeah, I would do. I remember I would do runway shows. I was like the youngest girl. I'll be like fifteen. Sixteen modeling, like women's clothes, you know, like gowns and working suits and all the other girls would be like, eighteen, you know, they had, you know, leave here was this fifteen sixteen year old goal and was show up and it will like have my. Walk and do you never think I was sixteen, but I remember when I will go to costings the people say, how old are you off? I walked, you know, like on the casting some sixteen. They're like, you're so young, but you're so good like, this is crazy, you know? So does this kinda my beginning in the Czech Republic and then and my first thing in into the world outside of Czech Republic, really into high fashion world was when Causton director from London spotted me and introduced me to chip Prada and they like they booked me for exclusively for the show..

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