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I own football these back souls which Ackermann mount patriots vers sleep walking through the early portion of this one but they've come alive here in the second quarter let's check in with Alan Siegel that rich about so much not you I mention the fact that Tom Brady was throwing the ball well we'll just after that Tom Brady started to throw the ball fairly effectively and I'm one specific past developed or set a fifty yard bomb dropped into the six yard line and a couple of plays later Sony Michelle was in the end zone a four yard touchdown and Sony which shows at a very very good first step we take a look it's ten carries a thirty five yards and the touchdown that is where we stand because after just come to an end reg and it is the tension inside the patriots get the ball the start the third quarter and the patriots had the ball bridge with about a minute to go and three timeouts left and bill Belichick decided that he was just going to run the ball and go back and have time to talk things over so they get the ball to start the third quarter and I think the bill they have some choice things to say that was offense as they are in a tent Tensai I think you were the one that spurred on Tom Brady on I think you'll take that if that's what gets them going right all right so Alan Siegel in Foxboro the patriots are even at ten at the half what a first of its been for the lines we check in with Denny cap in Detroit yeah rich this first half was a nightmare for Packers fans and back Aaron Rodgers threw his handling completion of the first half earlier on this current drive it was to Aaron Jones on that play Aaron Jones immediately grabbed his right arm and went off the field and what the value waited for an injury well good news for Packers fans were all holding their collective breath he now has his helmet in his hand in a standing on the sideline looks ready to re enter if called upon but Aaron Rodgers now is completed two thousand in a row to get to get the Packers down the line in fifteen yard line and he just missed the cut stones on the Mante Adams but they still would like the Packers gonna but their first point to the board on the game and in this one here with thirty seconds to go in the first half they have the balls alliance fifteen yard line Rodgers for the first time today looking like the old Aaron Rodgers here on the last a couple of plays here on the Packers drive thirty seconds ago first half Packers trouble lions forcing up thank you very much Denny before we left for the break told you about the fumble recovery for a touchdown for the Buccaneers did it stand Tomic it's yes we did after further review of the call on the field did stand Devon white being credited with a ninety one yard run with a fumble recovery Matt Ryan caught up by a J. Jason Pierre Paul he got credit for the sack ball came loose Devon white scooped it up and ran pretty much on touch because it looks like a lot of the other players thought rose no way that's going to be any kind of a return in white all the way the ninety one yards to put Tampa Bay on top for the first time this afternoon Atlanta had built attended a thinly they also lead thirteen to seven but now as we are at the two minute warning here in the first half it is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fourteen in the Atlanta Falcons thirteen thank you Tom let's go to Christian veteran Kansas city half time in the chiefs in front a low scoring for a staff here's Christian we are halfway over the teeth we the Chargers ten seven is the charges had a chance to to tie the game or or take the lead here at going into halftime make the got the ball back after the after the chiefs scored a Patrick will host touchdown pass from Marcus Roberts a twenty four yard strike to give them the ten seven leaders about two minutes sixteen seconds left on the clock to the Chargers able to put together a drive cuter now holding a yard to seven your cats got into the canton city thirty eight at work a couple catches got up to the twenty six yard line of Kansas city so they had the ball the twenty six yard line with thirty five seconds here to talk about on the clock but the two rivers on a second three tickets to the twenty six a deep pass into the for Mike Williams I was picked up in the end zone by Tyron Matthews of the chief takeover of with of just about sixteen seconds left on the clock they rate one play ran the clock are going to have time with a ten seven lead as I mentioned that to behold tossing a touchdown he's fourteen and nineteen for a hundred twenty four yards that touchdown did Marcus Robinson who have reversed fifteen to twenty one hundred twenty nine yards one touchdown Keenan Allen is that also that intersection here at the end of that the first episode to ten seventy Swede they would have time hi thank you very much Kristin Vetter so moving right along and Arab Whitney very low scoring first half of the chiefs in front so right now the chiefs will get the second seed and a first round bye if they win today and get a lost by the patriots but right now New England coming back with ten on answered in the second quarter to move into a ten ten tie at the half still couple takes on the clock left in buffalo it's been a very low scoring first half as you might expect with many regulars out but Sam Donald not looking very impressive let's check in with rod Smallwood in orchard park right rich eleven seconds left in the first half jets threatening second goal from the buffalo ten yard line a lead this game three nothing on the strength of the Sam Ficken thirty yard field goal same Donald right now fourteen of twenty one for a hundred sixteen yards one interception Josh Allen played two series for buffalo he finished the game three of five for five yards Matt Barkley now I can tell you Donald which is stacked with four seconds left here in the first half I can tell you as well Matt Barkley know what the hell for buffalo top rusher in the game levy on bills a twelve carries for forty four yards top receiver Jermaine Crowder five catches for thirty five yards jets still threatening four seconds left third and goal now the lead this game three nothing I will see if they're able to convert and extend that lead over the bills who will at least finished the season with ten victories maybe eleven depending on the outcome today but a terrific season for the bills were playoff bound the Vikings are playoff bound trailing the bears at home at the half let's get more from Eric Nelson yeah game here in Minneapolis original our Sigourney eleven to six Chicago Bears one of the bigger disappointments in the twenty seventeen season they are always battling for better going on vacation as soon as this game and Minnesota Vikings will be the end of numbers so they don't have a lot in this game is repeal goals from the anti they also we women calls for Minnesota Vikings arresting many key players in order just basically have to not he's on the benches bank of Sean Mannion grand total forty three yards no doubt no Alexander Madison in the Minnesota back and all those one hundred twenty six yards in the first round including fifty nine and forty one yards the problem though is has put the ball on the ground piers recover that formal any problem with the middle it turned into an interception ending sprint crackled for safety in the end zone so Mike Poon giver might be taken away but he has shown breakaway speed on occasion in this game we are nearing the start of the third quarter Chicago leading Minnesota eleven to six here in Minneapolis thank you Eric and drew Brees talked about the importance of getting a first round bye do not exert any extra energy in the post season kind of concert for a deep run which the saints have had the last couple of years the playoffs but they are certainly playing that way today as if they want if not a by but the top seed they are just rolling over the Panthers a two minutes left in the first half and Kevin Casey I'd be shocked if drew Brees started the third quarter at this point well I mean you could put you know Archie manning and right now and it wouldn't hurt I mean he was good too I know I mean to you I'm looking for maybe Bridgewater taste of him getting some reps thirty five nothing score one twenty to go first happened all the world's all day album Qamar to first quarter touchdown runs fifteen and one yards the former panther linebacker AJ Klein intercepts a wheel Greer past fourteen yards for the touchdown and drew Brees three points but the one yard touchdown pass twenty one yards to cherry coke all the world's all days begin will Greer injured leg listed is his return listed as doubtful and Carl Allen in in moving the team even as a first Christy McCaffrey just picking up a long reception here and he needs he came in needing a six seven brown guards misleading to get a thousand to become only the third player with the Roger Craig and Marshall falls in right now if you had that the stats not updating here he's getting close to that mark right now so that's one thing Carolina can look for nothing the saintly Carolina wanted to to go for staff needed twenty seven yards to clips of thousand on that reception I don't know if you got it we'll update that in just a moment but while we do the math there let's check with don shook in Cincinnati don giving will still lead here twenty to sixteen but the Browns have cut into Disley due in large part to some big pass plays by Baker Mayfield a couple big pass plays led to a forty two yard field goal by Austin cyber and then on the ground next position it was a fifty six yard touchdown pass from may feel to Jarvis Landry I missed the extra point just like the bangles at earlier so those are negated themselves with a four point lead still for the bangles looks like the bangles are gonna be able to get the ball back they just off the Browns us ran out so with one oh six the plain things of all three time outs of get the ball back twenty sixteen the score here in the second quarter all right thank you very much don shook so right now that Christian McCaffrey reception stands wasn't sure if there was a penalty on the play or not but it puts the Panthers inside the New Orleans twenty five yard line with just over a minute left in the first half and it is been All Saints so far three five to nothing as drew Brees is thrown for a hundred seventy yards and two touchdowns Alvin Camaro has run for two more and thirty nine yards as well Michael Thomas to more reception extending his NFL record for most in a single season but will Greer has struggled today Kyle Allen back on and he is six of seven so far today he completes another one to McCaffrey that takes them down to the twenty yard line to tack on for more yards for McCaffrey who is closing in on one thousand for the season still couple a yard shy so eight games going on right now and we have some surprises the patriots are struggling with the dolphins the chiefs have just a three point lead over the Chargers and alliance with the lead over the Packers at the half so the Packers and the saints or something keep an eye on in terms of seeds in the NFC the of forty Niners would lock up the top seed in the conference with the win tonight over the sea hawks in the final game of the twenty nineteen NFL regular season but right now let's get you up to date on all the eight games going on a much much more the latest sports update here's Greco certain.

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Football, Ackermann discussed on CBS Sports Radio

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