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What is cookie monster muppet a puppet or Amonte, the real story, here, ROY, you made it, man? Feel congratulations, ROY. Thank you guys. Bucci Ritchie man here is the will Cain sound on. How we all need the lineup to apologize to the plankton fish? Rob point has been taking slings and arrows for weeks. Now, he's been taking the insults of NBA legends like Magic Johnson. And again, in the wake of this trade, he was taking the insults of people with microphones, commentators analysts talking hits personalities, people like will Cain who said he didn't know what he's doing. He couldn't manage a cap. He didn't understand the timing of trade. He wasn't getting maximum value for the Lakers. What a moron. This is where the line starts. This is where the apologies should begin to come in. There are many. We can line them up out the door down the street up the block around the country. And as you're telling rob Pelinka I apologize for under. Summating you, you can kiss his butt. Wow. Why does we'll can't always whisper when he says, oh, name, it's weird. Why do I have to kiss? His butt. Why can't we stop short of kissing his but the apologies not enough? I've got to apologize and kissed Pelinka's rob blow, but cookie monster. These a muppet according to week UPS. So here's that. Oh, firmly. It has the name monster. I mean it's in the name, it's a monster because it doesn't work to call him, cookie muppet? That's not as that's not the same thing and all that could him up. We don't have do we have any additional reporting, we could give this cookie monster story. Billy or you just wanted to play the sound is there anything else. Interesting here now cookie monster. Again, Dan is the blue now known muppet who eats cookies on Sesame Street, and he made a trip down to Wrigley Ville, and Wrigley field and he was in the booth, and he was singing the ballgame. It's all brick red bent these. We arrange baby. Did you see the video was the video funny? Yeah. It was cookie monster. The blue muppet from Sesame Street, who eats cookies. Eighty five dollar shade. And how was he pushing you to play that sand? And how hard for how long was it was? Billy putting you know, Billy Billy just every time I walked by there's shouting. Hey, the cookie monster sound and there is a big victory for you today. Milic. Congratulations. You're an adult. And you seem to feel like it was worth it. Donlevatar. I would love to see you own a form. Would you love guy? I fix my I would starve, I would lose weight. I wouldn't know what to do to God's sit on a tractor. Imagine Mike, Mike pal. There can't be a worse farmer than me anywhere walking this plan. They come close second on that. I don't think everybody in the world would be better than these libertas show with this Stu gods on ESPN radio. We are fortunate to have this guy's analysis whenever anything soccer happens around here. You can see the men in blazers next Tuesday in Nashville, if you want to tickets towards you go to men in blazers dot com,.

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