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Think there's a case i do think there's a case i'm not saying it's a good one a big one by think that urban meyer has a chance to surprise everybody with his games and then i would also say that was. That was the other one. I was gonna say if it's not david kelly. What's the ceiling of this coach. Urban meyer i'm just i one of the most successful college coaches in history. There's a there's a case you made that. Yeah he's got some good place. I'm not. I bet. More on. Arthur smith but i always say that all three of those guys aren't gonna win enough to be actually be top ten. I'm just saying in that discussion. Are the jets. Grab a wildcard. Is robert sala for like the guy who could be on the statistics here. Yes i mean if the jets grab a wildcard. I think that they're going to is going to be candidate candidate. Heroes parade kevin. You brought up a good name in terms of brain and staley. She is by far the highest. Like new guy that i have ranked on here based on what i have seen and what i've heard from him in the past and my belief that he still going to even though he's on the defensive side of the ball allow his offense to be a little bit more free being that he was a former quarterback and understands that position a little bit. So i mean i think that he has the potential to be there and discussed like the defense mine. Too guys we've talked about. Who at least for me on my list. Was you know brian. florez and or sean mcdermott. Like these defense guys who let their offenses be a little bit more creative. So i'm excited to see it I i will say there's like just a really good crop of of head coaches in this top twelve thirteen that it is going to be a little bit difficult to crack it. But i'm looking forward to seeing what he can do without team. I would also we keep doing this on these list. Just enter titans corner in minutes. Seventy five Because we didn't mention my brave. All straight playoff berths including an se title run in two thousand nineteen and if he continues to win he's definitely in this conversation next year. All right guys.

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