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Steven spielberg struggled with dyslexia boat was not diagnosed until you sixty years old in 2015 president obama awarded seventeen americans with the medal of freedom among them steven spielberg and here's a bonus one steven spielberg invented the pg thirteen movie reading parents took issue with the subject matter of both gremlins end in ian jones in the temple of doom irate that both films were only rated pg stupor became the subject of their ire as he was producer for gremlins and the director of temple of doom in response spielberg suggested the pg 13 rating he stated quote i created the problem and also supplied the solution that's it for this episode of you think you know movies make sure to subscribe like us on facebook and follow us on twitter and get the latest movie and tv news on screencrush dot com dan i've news time seven 04 measures one one point five fast traffic problems onto weightier westbound side absolutely jammed through harrison and across the stickel rage and then we've got an issue eastbound side over by exhibit ten in west orange that's a stalled bus while which is almost a cleared out of the way it looks like twenty four eastbound that is slow from short hills running toward i seventy eight and three west jammed into medal and parkway we have a collision there big delays on westbound route 22 we've got an accident in watchung approaching carrow road and the traffic is all jammed up all the way back to the vicinity of glenn side avenue so 78 of course will be the timesaver there turnpike not in bad shape and the parkway little bit slow north 143 a 145 crossed the hudson george washington bridge about five minutes over at the lincoln 25 minutes and fifteen to twenty

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