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Comedy series new episodes of ted lasso are released fridays on apple. Tv plus please welcome back to. The show are very good. Friend brendan hunt. How are you brando. I'm good how are you. I'm a little annoyed because i was. I was willing to fly to new york origin right on a plane. I was told you word having people in the studio and then old yellow dress comes out. And i'm gonna ask my house. Yeah and it gets worse because our next guest is also in studio now to be fair. I took it upon myself to not ask that of you because you are a new dad. Congratulations brennan there's your little guy right away. You're force-feeding arsenal into his bloodstream. How is he. How is he taking to to walk during football matches with you on the enough. He really seems to like it. I guess because it's just a giant sea of green and and you know the only thing that daddy actually cares about Maybe that draws him in a little bit but he is now watch more soccer games. The age of almost seven months than i had by the time i was twenty six years old. Yes you came to. You came to a very late. I i watched a game with my five and three year old. And i thought they would be excited for it. And the only thing they liked was when a player got hurt and the doctors ran out and sprayed their their ankles. They thought they thought it was amazing that they were just like doctors on the scene there cleaning him daddy. They're tweeting up so twenty nominations for ted lhasa. There's this show you both star in a right on a created and morning of i mean you guys. I think probably had some hope that there will be some nominations. You couldn't have imagined it would be twenty. How did you find out the news Well yeah i mean. We don't all right in the previous ones. You know this season so we'll probably get one or two But i was hoping to sleep through it because then i don't worry about nothing and Again i have signalled at that time so he had other plans So at that point of having my cheerios cheerios and keeping him alive and like all right. I'll turn it on and Yeah then you they get an ended in treasonous nominated and then like the show's over. Oh okay i thought they're usually more categories but all right and i didn't know that they were only showing part of them. My manager gets calling me with like you know as if he was on like a rocket. Skateboard of some kind in all and all these things so it was all right. Little morning I'm just a happy so many people from the show got nominated though like you know down into the categories and everything. That was cool. It was great. You know we talked to your co-star handing this week and a russian say last week and she was saying that you guys are as close as is it seems and one of the really cool things in a category with eight nominees That you're in three of the other seven are your co stars just must be such a cool feeling Yeah i mean it's it's it's it's already ruined our relationships shortage each other. I was gonna say. I mean i know from our friendship. I know you to be a really petty person. Yeah i mean as soon as you start getting for semi's even though i wasn't on any tv shows. I was just like what him. Yeah yeah and. I carry that with me to stay. Got me safar taxed and say. I thought this was my ear..

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