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That's that's absolutely anything. You who cares who wants the vote Democrat after watching how the Democrats have crapped all over Israel and have talked about openly about the funding Israel I don't even know You're Jill and name. Oh, that's truth. A left. Stop throwing religion. Now, that's just not sense. Don't don't tell me how religious I am, or I'm not. And I'm allowed to do and I'm allowed. Geoffrey, can I say something? You, Jeffrey? Can I say something, please? And as you know, your throne religion around here, which I think is just silly. You don't know what kind of a Jew I am going to Howard. Let me finish. Let me finish. Jeffrey, Overruled. What did you do this in court to stop talking. Let me let me make my point. And you don't know what kind of a Jew I am. And you know what? I'm allowed to disagree with what the state of Israel does. And that doesn't make me anti Semitic there wrong with their established, You know, you don't stop talking. I'll talk to talk to Redl because you're just embarrassing yourself by just you don't stop talking. I'm embarrassing myself. You're a weak kneed liberal to who would sell out Israel in a second. Just because abortion and welfare is your religion. Liberalism is and that Israel that's how I feel. There's a bunch of crap, Jeffrey. Well, no. Yeah, You know, I admire use an attorney, but I think as a right winger, I think you're just full of crap. I'm not a right winger on pro choice. Some four gay marriage. How does that make me a right winger? Four guys, guys, Tell me what What Conservative Wait. Guys. Guys. Guys, are we still on for lunch today? Of course, he's eating my lunch of usual now. Alright, a spirited and feisty debate there. The only thing I will say is Jeffrey. I do believe that There is a streak in in the left that believes in what I would call enlightened, totalitarian ism and that they believe that they have the right way to do things. And if you stand in your way that their way you have to be sidelined someway somehow. I mean, you don't like the fact that they want to have truth commissions. They want to find that or to trump in the government. That doesn't bother you at all that certainly come out. Many Democratic leaders have already come out without that. They want to do that. As soon as they get into power. That's not a problem. You don't You don't think that's an issue. It's all right. Everybody talking. We'll catch you next week. Jeff. Not too great, but have a great weekend. Coming up. Next New Yorkers just can't wait to vote. And it's 7 35 legendary sportscaster who I will not argue with Warner Wolf Joyce is burning brighter with Owuor traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike up far lands Ian, a roadway north bound Earth of Interchange. Nine. Still of the left and center lanes blocked that is a crash investigation's been there for a couple of hours. Now sing some heavy delays on the L I e. In Nassau County on the westbound side by Willis Avenue on the service Road of the L. A. There is a truck fire that is causing that slow down. Meantime, at the George Washington Bridge, You're pretty good on.

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