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There was a rally. I think it was March nineteen sixty eight in a park in Delano at the end of say SARS fast. And there were a good several thousand people there and Robert Kennedy had flown in to celebrate the end of Chavis as fast, and it was just a week later that he announced he was running for the democratic nomination for president he'd become your friend. He was a unions friend. Oh, yes, we were very high. We actually knew Senator before the fast, and he had already done some work for us. He had raise money to for one of our volunteer clinics. And he had been out. Actually, he was in Delano before. We started the pilgrimage. He had been noted actually a couple of days before to do a hearing and this, oh, he had already been very fun. Just impact the police tried to stop the. Pilgrimage which is ridiculous. They went in. They were actually had when the pilgrimage started a whole line of police in front of the of the marches in Senator Kennedy had the college chief of police in essence, what did he think he was doing stuff this pilgrimage? It was ridiculous. But but he had been very close to us. And of course, we work very hard. We were doing the campaign for him in Los Angeles. And he's Los Angeles in south central sensuous getting people to vote for Senator Kennedy. So he had been a very good friend from the very beginning by movement, and you were on stage. Standing right beside him the night of his winning the California Democratic presidential priming. Of course, that was the unforgettable evening when he was shot. Well, it was it was a huge loss for every put the world have not just for the farmer could move for everybody because we know that history in nine hundred states would be very different teddy not been assassinated. But we were right in the middle of the great boycott during that time. And so we just had to keep moving forward and keep working. It was a great loss. More from Dolores Huerta, and our other guests when we continue on the special edition of peace talks radio the nonviolent path of Cesar Chavez back in a moment..

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