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The of the terrorist group that had ravaged the united states in the 80s and because of that randy weaver solve the barrels off some shotguns and sold them to an undercover atf informant uh in that started this chain of events that really went about as badly as you can as you can imagine on both sides had us each side what are the dangers even today to having these two very different versions of what happened at repeat reg i think the big danger really is in not understanding exactly what happened the radical right wing which changes its name you know the almost like a rebranding they go from white separatists to white supremacist to white nationalist from the continued use this is a rallying cry because this is they're very worst nightmare this is the thing that they warn can happen to americans than on the other side law enforcement is always engage danger of prosecuting people because of their beliefs rather than their actions now have the feds learned their lesson from ruby ridge amine going forward when we were seeing you know obviously we were seen takeovers of federal buildings more protests and demonstrations are they better at their jobs you only have to look at the way they handled radical rightwing groups after this and the patients with which of federal authorities now treat these groups i had one f fbi agent describe it as weaver fever the thing they're trying to avoid this this a sense that a small thing like a minor weapons violation can blow up into the deaths of three people and so i definitely think that they have learned to to not inflame these situations when possible as we've seen though the visa ideas don't go away they come back in their recycled and we haven't really dealt with them this is the stu of all.

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