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Down the suspected Gilroy gunmen are still being praised as heroes even though they didn't fire the fatal bullet a California coroner's preliminary reports show saying Tino llegan shot himself in the head at last Sunday's garlic festival police say the nineteen year old randomly killed a six year old boy a thirteen year old girl and a college graduate and wounded thirteen others the new governor of Porter Rico says his commitment to the people is stronger than ever Pedro Pierluisi was sworn in Friday replacing Ricardo rose sale who resigned amid massive street protests part of a popular beach in San Diego was closed after a deadly cliff collapse first responders and lifeguards dug out five people after rock and soil fell on top of them Friday afternoon at grand view surf beach a woman did not survive three others are in the hospital and the fifth victim was treated at the scene the cliff remains unstable but the wooden staircase above it has not been impacted crews use search dogs to make sure no one else was buried the FBI believes Amazon drivers could be part of a theft ring involving millions of dollars worth of packaged goods the FBI says in the past six years the peppering leader has received at least ten million dollars by selling items on Amazon a search warrant affidavit unsealed in Seattle says two contract Amazon delivery drivers were involved investigators say store front businesses posing as pawn shop but the good from shoplifters and then resold them online Tom Roberts NBC news radio police and fire in North Texas are mourning an officer involved shooting that left a woman dead Arlington police chief will Johnson said the officer was not trying to shoot Margarita Brooks on Thursday but was aiming at a charging dog everything about this call is an absolute tragedy our hearts are broken for the Brooks family and the police officer involved Brooks is the daughter of an Arlington fire captain you're listening to the latest from NBC news radio president trump has quietly piled more sanctions on Russia the sanctions put into effect by an executive order signed by the president this week are in connection to the poisoning of Sergei CCRI Paul in the UK in March of twenty eighteen a first round of sanctions was put into effect in connection with the incident as required by the nineteen ninety one chemical and biological weapons act that same law also requires a second round of sanctions if it cannot be determined if a country in question has stopped using chemical weapons bills and for NBC news radio North Carolina is the first southern state to ban the use of state funds for conversion therapy for minors democratic governor Roy Cooper signed an executive order on Friday that prevents state money from being used to try and change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a minor Cooper said there are about three hundred and twenty thousand adults in his state who identify as LGBTQ of Florida Democrat wants Congress to investigate the situation surrounding financier Jeffrey abstained Joe Malcolm reports U. S. representative Lois Frankel is joined with the democratic women's caucus in a letter to the house oversight committee they want to probe launched into the thirteen months that Eckstine spent under the watch of the Palm Beach county sheriff's office after reports he was allowed to arrange for sex while he was serving time much of which was spent at his office the sheriff's office has also launched both internal and criminal investigations Frankel also wants Congress to look into Eckstine so called sweetheart deal with prosecutors back in two thousand eight multi millionaire now faces several federal sex trafficking charges in connection to underage girls San Francisco International Airport is becoming the first in the United States to ban the sale of single use plastic water bottles the ban takes effect August twentieth and complies with the city ordinance but airport officials say it's being done willingly as part of the airport's plan to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate most of landfill waste by twenty twenty one Brian shook NBC news radio hi.

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