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It's like it's the comedy but it's a one in three at this point not a one hour war just choices joining at go back to nap at some points. I WanNa make sure we do all this is renee we will we will do their naps but this is rob. AWW does get one question now. From the the Non Fat Yogurt The New York mayoral race of Nineteen ninety-three as a running storyline in this episode where Rudy Giuliani is running against David Dinkins on the PODCAST podcast. You both the swearing in being memorable for what a his son making funny faces be his son mimicking the official swearing and Rudy Giuliani see his son mirroring Giuliani's actions and words de his son adjusting his pants and getting impatient. What year was this from the frozen yogurt? Uh check yet the seinfeld television episode or the are no rotten. The Post show recap ask Giuliani was on twenty fourteen off the map at this point. We've changed restaurant Twenty fifteen probably fifteen twenty two thousand fifteen of that the twenty fourth two thousand sixteen the shower. Oh we're going for the non-fat your yes. It was twenty fifteen yeah so Giuliani back back in the mix all right so I think that the sun was he was like mimicking so there's there's to hear mimicking getting the official or mirroring Giuliani's actions and words I will say that he he was mimicking the official so the answer is actually see son was mirroring Giuliani's actions in uh-huh has a four to one lead and I have a very interesting tidbit here about Andrew Giuliani who's now the grown son of Rudy Giuliani. He's actually the current publicly as an assistant assistant to the president of the United States got that job on merit okay so we're going to go away. We know this deep dive would involve so much White House talk back. Thanks for the White House steering things that you guys have talked about before. I wish I wish we have parents where you're just like. Fail upwards instead of downwards as the these the you know it's automatic that the you know these guys are like all right fine you just you're in the White House. Your Dad is important not that I want to be in the White House. I'm just saying yeah okay okay all right. Let's go go. Let's go back to let's go back to Ron KNAPP. This is going to be a question for AKIVA AKIVA two. What Song do you guys analyze? The lyrics is on the May twenty second nine hundred ninety eight episode was getting Gygi with with by by Wilson's be too close Sims. I said Joe Cancer with that. One of.

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