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The real clear politics tom bevan share this this is the daily caller piece which is pretty unbelievable he says that well in the daily caller piece because luke rosiak has been amazing at following the story when he broke this piece he really should be receiving a pulitzer for this quite frankly because he's done amazing work debbie wasserman schultz screamed at house officials she demanded that they kill this hacking investigation i remember amran avon and his brother were hired by debbie wasserman schultz is it aids then they were caught stealing information the house office of the inspector general the they conducted a cybersecurity investigation they found the number on one was stealing things and then he was unauthorized had on unauthorized access all these house servers was taken all of this information news actually sharing this information with a former intelligence operative in pakistan these are all facts these are all this is what the this is what the the inspector general discovered and their investigation and they say that the and this is a this the house office of inspector general they noted that wasserman schultz became quote frantic and not normal and making the rounds to house officials and attempts to kill the investigation this is one employee one told wasserman schultz that because they were incredibly oddly close there's something there's something happening here there's something happening here this wasserman schultz cornered the house chief administrative officer phil keiko and called him full kiko and called him a blinking islamaphobia and said that quote you will not so much as take away their parking spot and they were apparently debbie wasserman schultz had a very interesting they were a lot closer than apparently was originally suspected and they because their family they were they were involved in money laundering there i mean it's a it's a criminal investigation debbie wasserman schultz has been obstructing the entire time and remember when she hired him and his brother they mmediately got top pay like they didn't start at the bottom they got as much as an it they had no it experience either by the way they had they true they had zero it experience and debbie wasserman schultz waived all background checks.

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