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Don't know if it was a Valero, though. 5 11 time for trafficking. Phillip Phillips Phillips. If it was a Philips, nobody would get that cell. No, no, The only people our age would get that That's true. And that's not a good name for a boy anyway. Sky Mike Yes, the traffic guy like Valera, though, for literal Alright, let's take a look now on your West side, Katy Freeway. We're checking us out and looks good from Grand Parkway into the West Loop. Now inside the West Loop. Mm. So I saw were actually not even getting that Taylor Street shut down 32 minutes into the president's heads from part 10 West Park Audubon looks Good Grand Parkway into the Southwest Freeway. It's easy 20 minutes and Sugar land up on the Southwest Freeway from the Brazos River. We're looking at just 34 minutes into the canyon. I'm sky Michael. The Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 Hour traffic Center from our ktrh Top Tax Defenders 24 Hour Weather Center. Time to check in with Jeffy No For once. We have a forecast here where there may be a chance of rain. But it's rather radar already seeing these closer to Freeport over in the northern part of Galveston Bay, And then as we go through the afternoon starts to get hotter and hotter, and these storms fire up along the sea breeze that will be blowing in and we'll See better coverage looking at again about a 60% chance today with these showers and scattered thunderstorms for the afternoon we get up to around 90. He didn't exercise 102. So it is definitely sticky. Partly cloudy tonight mid to upper seventies and then tomorrow we'll see the clouds mixing with sun afternoon showers. Scattered thunderstorms again hovering right around 60% chance at a high near 90 and those late day showers and thunderstorms with us it looks like all the way through the weekend. Right now. 78 in your official severe weather station NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh 99 1 HD to its news radio 7 40 ktrh on FM ain't no place like a cowboy place in no time like a cowboy of times the way like the cowboy we have a cowboy kind of day here when you're all that hungry crowd boys contained a cowboy.

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