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My language this is your destiny and I always will say like the past was great but it's over now yeah be that person but Chris Cuomo says he just cannot shake the low grade fever yeah that that's the problem for him that he's single an issue with water yeah he's getting stronger his breeding is getting better he's feeling better but it's been two weeks and he is sick of being sick and he still got this fever I am in I get it yeah I I just gotta wonder like I feel like that's going to have some long term a fax well they're talking about long term mental health access to yeah I'd like PTSD and when I say they are just mean the powers that be I just use day yeah the royal baby people who know things Hey Amy Schumer this is I think finding this this is so funny we talk about it because I think it's so funny so Amy Schumer and Chris Mister I have a little baby boy and they decided to change his middle name and they officially changed it and she said this and she said her baby's name is now Jean David Fisher which we were just talking last night that we think Eugene is such a cute name yeah for a boy also by the way didn't we say this all along why it was the story when they swim with us so Elizabeth is the Jeanne I tell Fisher and Amy Schumer says but then we realized that we had accident making tar something gentle and not only that genital Fisher yes so so that you go to the hospital for and so one of the guests on the podcast that she was on talking about this said my mom pointed that out to me actually my mom was like Amy's Coulter's genital and I was like what are you talking about and then she was right how do you like that's why I have a hard time with this story make you really didn't see that coming because we thought within like thirty seconds yeah and also you know this Elizabeth when you name a child you go through every possible way that their name could be used to tease that one hundred percent you always have to think about those things yeah I find it surprising but I do remember the time we were like is she trolling that was his name it was in the act instead very funny I Russell Wilson and Sierra they're having baby number three and they did a gender reveal and it's going to be.

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