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From ABC news, John Chuck Sivertsen. President Trump now calling on attorney general Jeff Sessions to launch an investigation. Find out who wrote that New York Times anonymous opinion piece saying people in the administration are quietly working against him. The president called it a national security matter. ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Well, there's certainly doesn't seem to be any classified information in there. So it's unclear what law could possibly have been broken. We asked the Justice department if they are actually investigating. They said simply the department does not confirm or deny investigations and the New York Times responded with a statement, harshly forwarded statement, saying we are confident the department of Justice understands that the first amendment protects all American citizens, and it would not participate in such a blatant abuse of government power by launching such an investigation. Former Trump campaign advisor, George popadopoulos has been sentenced to two weeks in jail for lying to the FBI trying to arrange. Meeting between then candidate Trump and Russian President Putin. A judge also sentenced him to two hundred hours community service. Watergate whistle blower, John dean is cautioned senators against approving judge Brent Cavanaugh as the next supreme court. Justice. John dean turned in his own president Nixon for abuse of power. He says bread Kavanagh's writings indicate that he would vote in favor of not indicting a sitting president under judge Kavanagh's recommendation. President shot somebody in cold blood on Fifth Avenue that president could not be prosecuted while in office dean saying if the Senate confirms cavenaugh he will be the most presidential powers friendly judge in the modern error Andy Field ABC news, Capitol Hill. Learning more about the suspect behind the mass shooting at a Cincinnati Bank. Police say twenty nine year old Omar Peres bought the gun. He used legally last month, and they say he fired more than two dozen rounds of ammunition before being shot by officers motive still unclear..

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