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Have you move onto your trump versus the swamp category because this one i like a lot so i've studied the work of joseph degenerate a flamboyant and controversial but dynamic and brilliant lawyer in washington dc and former official in the justice department he wrote a briefing four in primus which i recommend everybody or hint he simply lays out the brief there's a conspiracy in a scheme by many in the justice department the doj and the fbi against trump it began when they failed to prosecute hillary over the email scandal and the violations of law related to classified information and the clinton foundation to absolutely and then that was all covered up and then they sought to frame mr trump even before he was elected they were setting the trap and clinton's state department post election decided to gang up and leak unmask the names of potential trump conversations with the russians which by the way they were not unlawful it was an incoming us administration they were allowed to talk to anybody they wanted to and then all of the revelations that we've seen over time regarding the bad axe in the conspiracies and the the cooperation among democrats who were brought into muller's investigation who all have an animus against trump he lays it all out in this beautiful article for imprimis joseph degen of i recommend going online and reading his briefings on the conspiracy to frame dan prosecute the trump administration and it's and it's pretty clear to i mean they even talked about their own insurance plan that they had a long time ago right with the this page page and struck as you so what they did was they they sought to unmasks to reveal which shouldn't have been private conversations they spy they use the power of the federal government with a warrant based on a conspiracy of leftwing democrat campaign literature with the steele dossier so this was a democratic plot to make up a story up that's the key point leak leak it to the media a political chop leak it to the media and then present it to a federal judge a pfizer court which on the basis of that political shenanigans authorized the use of national technical means spying on us citizens this is wildly worse than watergate it is while they were.

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