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Weekend you're listening to wrestling with fan boy. Mercury rone's ring rust yard available lab automatic. And all major podcast sources the key akita everything too impose took your The game it takes man. Oh a black frame spectacle from their album. Grady sessions to that was bust out the boogie. Yup another two sock song from new music nation and before that he james for her youtube channel with. I don't give a because you're listening to wrestling woodside. More murky waters during rust on paramedic via various other podcast distributing media now that. We've all been sufficiently empowered. Let's head on over to me. Seventy three august twenty ninth exclusively broadcast on fight. Tv also emanating from the khorasan ballroom of the chase park plaza in saint louis missouri. Aaron stevens and jr cradles will defend their interview. A world tag team championships against laura belli own. Bcs six six six and michael wo four fifty. Tom latimer will be taken on crimson. And tim storm in a brawl into lou. Not the british bathroom. But the the luas in lick lou albano or lou garrick terrorist the man and jordan clearwater with offs. Neidl their horner taken onto pope and the end of odin and perro in a six man tag team match and about a royal to determine the number two contender for the interview a national championship. So it's gonna be hard hitting endeavor. I'm sure we interesting to see who they get to fill in the space. Sounds like it's not gonna be zika dice because he's signed with a mattress link. He may be there. I don't know they may be his last appearance. Who knows.

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