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For just such wife threevolt pussy scout he's call now alcohol harris coach phil and she went missing last night hundreds of people have been sachin pick out a not such continuing this morning said who trying to get as much on that is for for years since we can at that set the scene god inlets under will bring it to you since we get the details well they're still hopeful that this is simply a case where a go has gone missing leftarmer apartment i may be asleep on a tree but that said colin it's quite some time now since she went missiles at ten p m last night for the little girl madeleine mccann her parents jerry in katie were out for dinner they go back to their very selfcontained apartment and she was in there they do have to other younger children threeyearold madeleine was not there a search was was started in the ocean club resorts stoph and guests to the resource searched it until four thirty this morning by the search has resumed this morning but as yet nothing this is the ocean trump in prior dow lose in the western alka office he say it's run by company company mark warner which is described as a set of upmarket allinclusivepackage holiday a visa selfcontained villas essentially in a small town but it is selfcontained with with with the cordon around it so super how she is still within the columbus essay at some time now since she went missing presumably bog though fought won't have a a presence out there the golf and presumably there will be doing a or making sure that got people if they don't have already heading that way to liaise with police it oversea try and help the family as best they can because of course he's first few hours absolutely critical in the search over absolute they are they are indeed and the cali the uk foreign office is working with local police a local airports have been informed of the searches is widening but as a sadist the the manager here who i spoke to says he's still is hopeful that this will be resolved to the but she will be found soon.

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