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No awkward nsa amy can you take care of this because i don't want to dress like me this and so then scolds me she took care of it though she scolds me for being irritated i didn't know i could get in trouble feeling on your birthday yes and so well let's first of all dress the board when you walk in this morning to talk about the number okay so every day we walk in and bobby and i worked together so we have a board where you put you know where you are on a scale one to ten feel like last week on friday body was a seven seven that's amazing he's a seven and i was like eight today i'm feeling pretty good bobby walks in he put zero and i'm like dramatic that's the lowest you can go the minute i'm like great so that means minna room with zero having a deal zero and then i didn't really believe in when he put it up there because it was like y'all and then the more went on i was like yeah he's joke i said it was a bad idea someone sent out the texan hey we should all dress like bobby like bad idea guys thanks you know meaning xactly i said i know bobby and when we had decorations in the studio i said i say take knows me after all these ever know you but doesn't mean nobody's going to get there some of us that don't wanna give up on celebrating you and i'm just preparing you for something later today and if you get irritated by i don't mind.

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