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Guys are going to have such a field day when when you hear what Eric Hanson in pebble, Lena ASTA are going to get to do when you hear what Eric and Pavlina are going to get to do going forward. And they get to actually talk about me when I'm in a bad mood and Lance. They're all going to gang up like I'm in a bad mood today. And I know on a bad mood because I don't feel really good. And you know, I don't feel good. I do this every year. We'll somebody in this audience. Do you? If you care about me at all. Will you remind me and warned me not to throw the windows open. When the nice cold fall air finally arrives. Because every time I do it. Like, a dummy my allergies kick in and I get sick. But I love the cold. Nice job of the air. What a life. I have had like bubble boy member bubble boy the kid with the big bubble over him. That's going to have to be in order to enjoy life to be in a big bubble walking around. I just have this big huge bubble that will roll around like, you know, like. A Star Wars character. So I through the window open last night. I had an open for like an hour. It felt so good. Gosh. Was it great nice cool air in the apartment, and I'm like fall is here. It's my favorite time of year. But of course, it hasn't. We haven't had a freeze yet show. The crap is still in the air. And I woke up this morning. Not feeling good. Gotta do like ninety seven cities in four days. So that's good. I'm glad good timing for me. That's the kind of luck. I have slim, and none. I had a great suggestion from a listener since we're two weeks away from the election two weeks and a day away from the midterm election. The most beautiful message that anybody heard during the campaign of two thousand sixteen was that speech from Michael Moore. And a caller said Mike you should play that again. Leading up to the mid term. Because it is like a punch in the gut. It's a up call as to why people are going to shock the media and shocked the establishment and shocked the Democrats. And vote Republican. So as I keep saying over and over again as I almost as practically beg you. Beg you. To show up on November sixth. This is this is something you're going to want to hear and see Eric is putting the finishing touches on it right now. And. We'll play it for you at about ten or fifteen minutes. So if you you you're gonna wanna see it as well as listen to we've got the video, courtesy of gravy, and and YouTube and you'll see this powerful message. And if you listen to me during the twentieth sixteen campaign, I played it every day and every day it felt better than the day before every single day. Twenty three minutes before the hour here in the relief factor dot com studios. Also, I'm going to catch up talk later this week with my buddy, Mike Lindell, my pal John Girardin of South Carolina, who's a member of our board, and dear friend of mine, I go way back with John and and pan and the kids John texted me said now's this my pillow mattress topper is good. As you say, it is as it, Mike. I mean, I said John you bet it is use the promo code Mike g to get this mattress. Topper? You're gonna get thirty percent off. You take this mattress topper out of the box. Put it on your bed. Put the betting over the mattress..

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