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You about. Margaret. Thatcher pandering. Badger Badger for now. You're paying I'm not pandering pander I'm simply sorry. Sorry. Then yesterday was the birthday of David Hildalgo guitarist for the band Los Lobos. That went horribly awry. They rows. And OPIE. Is this week. Ralph. I'm calling sorry man I have to call and fucking all you out. I was listening to this show and you're stating that it's David Birthday from those globals and you go ahead and you play a Los Lonely Boys fucking Song Yup assured I'll faulk Ralph now seriously uh-huh get that shit. Away and fix it. Appreciate it no you. Back Yeah played a song by completely different band. Now, I didn't know Los Lonely. Boys had no idea versus Los Lobos turns out in my file of music. They are very closely living start with lowes their next week rather. Much. Like you're texting mistake with the bigger. Bigger. With the be in the end right next to each other, very bad and so when I was assembling the show apparently I was a little careless and I picked the wrong song and I played the wrong song for the wrong band had no. Now they're both Hispanic bands and so I think it makes me seem hardly racist because I was unable to differentiate between the two los whatever I. Remember hearing this ongoing. I liked the song I didn't know is low slow but I was like listening to the show fresh on my own show not knowing what was going on. So I apologize I'm actually a huge fan of Los Lobos and so two correct it here's a little bit of the correct band daylight. Birthday David Hildalgo..

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