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Did you get a sense that that's kind of a a put on you know program by him that he's the he's deflected whale of that he's really kind of blindsided by this whole situation and it's more than just you know a misunderstanding between two former romantic partners you mean nicholas pedal yeah you know uh he probably blindside i in this is disgusting i don't think he's blindsided by the video voyeurism charge like i said i think you know in a to count felony extortion indictment um that's heavy uh and the details of that are very important to frame the conversation you and i are happy soon out um so uh but it's easy it is immanent listen you you you don't even have no nick keddell you take a person video voyeurism the romantic partner former extortion it's if you don't hm i'll show this to i mean that's a right i mean just a dozen i i don't need to know the players you could just give me though it's like a mad lids crime thank you know just fill in the blang that's what it feels like to me but again well we don't know what the why then why would it be a separate indictment as opposed to a straight charged by the state police so uh we don't know with the extortion charges are connected with the video voyeurism and there are too you know pillars in the video voyeurism um statute y it's recording someone uh in a compromising position uh without there without them knowing of it um and then uh you don't need this second part to be charged it's if you share that uh that's another aspect of it um you don't have to share it in order to be charged under the statute um but that it is an element within the uh within the chart so we need to learn a little bit more about exactly exactly what happened i'm sure you'll have a more two five six in six thirty as the e r e search instantly this afternoon after he's process that will have more information on the extortion church so you have a uh a very important question you.

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