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That was three plus of the most intense hours you'll ever experience. The Yankees should have probably lost it in the third and the fourth and definitely the 8th, they didn't get a runner two second, not past second, two second until Tyler wade in the 9. Thomas Karin, did did you think they were losing? And at what point did you think they were the closest to losing? Yeah, I thought I thought they were going to cough it up in the middle innings, but the wandy Peralta inning really was just so I was just like, great, okay. This is it and now they're going to have to come from behind and it's not going to happen. So we never do that. No raise. Against everybody else we actually do. It's weird, but not against the race. Yeah, I mean, heading into this when I wasn't entirely optimistic because for some reason, Michael walker and his 5 ERA just we can't hit him. I don't know what it is. I don't know if it's his pitch mix that fools these hitters. I don't know if it's a superior scouting report that the race have on the Yankees that he's able to navigate successfully and get through these guys. But the man, the man throws 56 pitches through 5 innings and you're just like, what? No runs one hit one walk. I don't get it. I don't get it. We have an assortment of all stars. Once again, in a must win game and nobody's doing anything. Completely silent once again embarrassing. But hey, you got to give props to where they're due. Jameson tion, injured ankle, three and a third inning. No one runs, did exactly what he was asked to do. Awesome. Aaron Boone, mostly manage this thing successfully, I'd say. I think the only thing people were kind of upset about was the clay Holmes Chad green switch. But he managed it like a playoff game. He used 6 pitchers went to low wise exactly when he needed to. Save the 9th for Chapman and ended up working out because we got the run in the bottom of the 9th and shut the door. I think the extra innings get a lot uglier. And I don't think I'm alone there, at least I hope I'm not alone there because that would mean that you're not really watching Yankees baseball this year. But yeah, I thought we were you've seen enough games like this like this in 2021 when they're not scoring when you simulate innings one through 5 and you're like, okay, just like take me to the 7 and let me know what the score is then. And it's zero zero or like it's one zero the opponent. And the onus is on the Yankees to score a run. Or vice versa, maybe the Yankees are up one, nothing in the 7th and the onus is on the Yankees to hold a very tight lead with a bullpen that hasn't entirely been its characteristic self for the entire year. So yeah, this was tailor made Yankees. This was TaylorMade Yankees loss, which is why everybody was on the edge of their seat. But I also got to give props to Yankee Stadium, man. I was watching that game on TV and they were into it every pitch. Let's go Yankees chance the entire time. Regardless of the situation, everybody on their feet. And that's the kind of energy you need in The Bronx..

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