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You're never going to be able to get over that, Nor should you get to be able to get over that. But eventually you have to go on living your life. To honor And be a success on the people that Did pass away that day. And sports was instrumental in a massive way. Sports were so imperative in the healing process, and I just remember as a New Yorker that Mike Piazza home run against the Braves, the left center field. And I remember hearing a mother and her two sons who they lost their dad in 9, 11 say. The mom said. I never thought my kids were going to smile again and that night. On that September 21st in 2000. Mormon, Piazza eats at home run. Those two young kids are on the seats at Shea Stadium, jumping up and down because of the piazza home run. And then I even said the Jets Pats game that Andruzzi scene of him running out to the field with two American flags and running up to his brothers and giving him a big hug. And then everyone given his three brothers are standing ovation because they're New York City firefighters. It was so powerful and I looked at the time that we're in right now, and I know there's some similarities and there's obviously some differences. But now it seems like we're so divided. Because now everything is blue and and read. Everything turns into an argument, and there's no conversation. I think with what we're going through right now, with this pandemic. We really need to stop debating one another, and there's always healthy conversations to have, but a lot of times. It comes with a lot of hostility, and it just comes with a lot of mean tone in it, and we need to be there for one another in a time where A lot of people are going through some awful times mentally and then also physically right now as well. So on the 19th year anniversary of 9 11, I obviously want to spend this time. In the open right here, thanking the first responders, banking all the heroes, remembering people that passed away trying to save others and just also remembering anyone that passed away. That shouldn't have passed away that day, where they were just trying to live a normal and their daily routine and go through their daily routine and because of terrorism. We did Same Those lives get taken from us way too soon. Zack help show on CBS Sports Radio 19 past the hour will take a time out, and when we come on back, we will get to some football. Who's going to be able to beat the Kansas City Chiefs? They look damn good last night. But the 16 and those talks.

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