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A lot of people on many different levels. But it's just one of the many horror movie angles that are out there with you, like those kind of movies are slasher movies or the movies that messed with your mind. Yeah, it is interesting. I guess I'm just not Ah. I like ghost stories that kind of having a train. I was talking about those audience members just joining us. The others was interesting to me with Nicole Kidman. It's kind of interesting. Take Ah, loved Or the Bruce Willis. I see dead people. Six cents 66 Cent. I mean, you know that had intrigue and and just, you know, kind of kind of a different kind of story. But the other ones were slashed with just here. Here you go, You know, And what was that one that there's one of those M Night Shyamalan movies where the aliens showed up, And it turns out that we could defeat them by just spraying them with water. Yeah, I like that movie. That was good and what is different? He's different now. What was the name of that movie and I thought it was good. I just came up with the name of it. And then And then there are some people. I remember my parents watching Twilight Zone when I was a kid and my dad always like to watch TV with lights out. You know, late at night, and that used to freak me out because I usedto lay in bed. We lived in a small duplex so I could hear the TV. So that's the creepiest thing. Forget it's just interesting, especially this time of year to see the different things that creep people out. So he was the director of the six cents Hey, also signs with the name of that one. Well, that was a good move. Yeah. Yeah, well, that was back in 2002. The sixth sense sense was in 1999 and my wife and sons get really mad at me because his movie the village In 2000 for I thought was the stupidest movie I've ever seen in my life. Well, contextually. It's kind of like these people live. In their little cult. Oh, and everything else and you know there's there's never an airplane that goes by. There's no aircraft go over over their little village and stuff like that I'm going is just so stupid to go. You got to suspend believe, well, you know. You know, you've got to suspend belief. Find out into what sides over the sixth sense is well, Vala just bug May I don't know. Well, I think it's it's everything like Willie mentioned you had the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And then, of course she had Friday. The 13th, which will live in infamy and And a lot of people Forget about nightmare on Elm Street for me, I really because I love the Freddy Krueger character. And then when Robert Englund used to go on his media tours outside of costume, and you had a chance to listen to him. I was actually pretty. He was a pretty funny guy That's got sort of like a a following in itself, then people, But you know what, though, if I if it came down to a fight, I think I take Leatherface above everybody. Because change Donald Trump's Yeah. Clawed fingers. Yes and well, yeah, man enhanced, but it doesn't prove a goddamn can go through your dreams. That's right. And then you throw Jason into the mix. Remember Jason? Freddy? We're out. Jason vs Freddy faces a machete. Yeah, and often you win, But he was a big dude..

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