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Yes. Don't give me that look like every time. Don't kim. Then look because. That's a lot of money, especially in this area with the cost of living is really high, correct? Yeah. In the in the DMV, the DC Maryland Virginia area where the cost of living is the average house here is about three hundred four hundred thousand dollars. Yes. Average. The median income in this area is somewhere between eighty and ninety K. Yes. Six months of living. This business is a lot of money. It's a lot of money. Yeah. But what I what I generally say, you know, that's kind of the target goal. You're not you have to start someplace I was hoping to start small, you know, even if you have maybe one two, and then really as you start progressing in your in your employment. Sometimes you get raises and sometimes people increase their lifestyle when hit that raise something up hit and do all of that. Maybe you can capture some of that raise and directed towards your cash. Reserve not all of it. But let go at this grocery shopping and get a personal chef. Yeah. All of that. Exactly. Yeah. Before you upgrade on that to see how much that's going to be. And then maybe say I'm disciplined enough to carve off a little bit of that and start saving and put aside of cash reserve. But as you can see we have an expert in the Bill bills in we're going to see in just a few minutes what she can do with the person that stubborn with their finances. Like me. What if I told you that you could stop the negative tape from playing inside your head? What if with seven simple steps, you leave a pain of the past behind and live every day as your true authentic self? It is possible. And you can do it. The evil seven simple steps to beat emotional baggage. How to become hold healed healthy and happy shares. How to resolve emotional baggage? And feel free to live true to your own personality spirit and character transform negative thinking into positive thinking and become equipped to boldly face your pass and resolve emotional pain. Get your free copy at that meat alive dot com slash equal. It would with the lesson dairy. I can see Pam SAM's. Yes. Talking about personal finances. Now, let's say people who are like we call brianna and TI call them paper chasers. Yes. And they are all about trying to achieve that higher standard of living. So they're constantly earning money, but the also constantly spending. What they earn correctness ni- mostly they're attached to that higher. Life living that they've envisioned for themselves. What do you? What are the reasons that we how do you break? What are the reasons I say so emotionally attached to what they're trying to achieve versus planning where they are whether they are. Yeah. Exactly. And it goes back to that conversation that we had at the beginning is how did you grow up with money because if you saw your parents doing the same thing really trying to keep up with the Joneses? So to speak. Then more than likely, that's what you were going to do when you get your own money and your own house on your own family. So how you do with that when you were growing up or so it that that's that emotional attachment or if you saw your parents arguing all the time about money or lack of money then in your household. You're going to let that occur and you're going to be really frugal. I mean, but in a time period where we have tala payers Steve Harvey's. Oprah's that say, you know, you have to keep trying. Yes, don't ever give up and you had to take risk, correct? But however, you on that side of the coin take risk, but then on this side of the coin plan for a rainy day because you wanna you wanna threw everything at that, which you're trying to achieve. Yes. All right. Exactly. In your financial plan is really looking at what you what lifestyle you want to lead. And then, you know, really be realistic on can I cheat that but also realistic. About exactly what that is to you. And if that's where you want to throw caution to the wind say, okay, this is what I'm planning, but I'm going to take risk and upgrading my lifestyle or taking a particular position. Then you'll have a little bit of that cushion that we talked about. So you can go ahead and take some risk a little bit of risk as well. But you also want to have kind of a game plan that will keep down of that slow and steady, and then you can also kind of take your risk on this. I always tell it's kind of when you're investing always call it the racehorse workhorse, okay scenario, so you'll have a workhorse, which you know, out in the field ploughed consistent movements of what they need to do. And then you're racehorse would be more of your speckled who've investing or that taking that risk. And then that's that's a small portion. But you're kinda bit Neil yourself there. But it's more of a race type thing. But if you can if it goes fast, and it goes. Fast. Then you have that opportunity, but you don't wanna use their racehorse in the workhorse racehorse for the workhorse situation now. So you always wanna make sure you have both running at the same time. What emotions a what reasons do we continue to make bad decisions without money. Well, a lot of it is really how you're affected by how you grew up. That's one some of it is really about lifestyle choices. So we get a motion about and we get attached to things and accumulating things, and we get really attached in motion Lee to it. And so we throw caution to the wind and way, we're spending a lot of money. Sometimes you're so fearful because you did lack of money the to grow up with that. You don't want to spend a dime, and you really emotional about that. So I see that a lot is that people are scared to even spend money on there. Theirselves. I said you have plenty of money, you know, to us. But because of that emotion that they grew up with that hurt that still there. They don't wanna spend anything because all of my friends that are married the spenders of merit to savers. Yes. And it is funny to watch. It is. It is. No, we're at chick. Fillet? You Anita aware. Yesterday. You can eat chick.

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