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Tim Jimenez in the newsroom details. Tim has branded and police say a seventeen year old central high student is recovering. She's expected to be okay after she was hit by a stray bullet how she was walking to school this morning. Police Commissioner Richard Ross says there was a shootout in the park near the school. And the girl was hit in the right shoulder. Student can even walk to school without sustaining a gunshot. One of your worst nightmares. This happened close to eight thirty this morning. Police say the girl then ran into central after she was shot. She was rushed over to Einstein hospital again listed in stable condition. Expected to be okay, the shooting, then led to central high girls high and wider memorial school being placed on lock down for about an hour that lockdown since been lifted at this point more questions than answers for police as they look for the people who opened fire reporting live, Tim Jimenez, KYW NewsRadio Bill. Cosby sentencing hearing for sexual assault underway this morning at the Montgomery County courthouse, it'll be a two day hearing and barring any last minute surprises. The eighty one year old entertainment will likely find out if he's headed to prison and if so for how long KYW suburban bureau chief, Jim Melwert, April a Montgomery County jury found Bill Cosby, guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and molesting former temple university, basketball employees Andrea Constand Elkins park home back in two thousand four each count carries a maximum penalty of ten years. Prison though, it's likely they'll merge into one count for sentencing. Prosecutors are expected to seek a state prison sentence while the defense will hope for probation or house arrest. If Cosby the time behind bars, it will be up to the judge if he'll be taken straight to prison if he can report at a later date or a more unlikely scenario, given the nature of the charges if you could be free on bail, pending an appeal which the defense says they plan to do in Norristown, Jim Melwert, KYW NewsRadio in Philadelphia. A little boy is dead after septa officials say he fell between two cars while riding the broad street. Subway late yesterday afternoon KYW's Andrew Kramer with the story. TSA.

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