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Look I tried to care so we had a lot of different things and my duck calls but I know feel knows this but you know how I came up with the yeah tell for that data oh yeah I had to fight for it you know you have these publishers and you know and they're like I'm very many bad maybe the name I remember them saying the name of your book that I wrote is it was it was like a paragraph the life and Times of reflections loud music means of Jase Robertson that's the name we're going with submitted good call and they absolutely lately not GonNa have you know so they google it wherever will evidently some beer companies that in a in a bear commercial or something you know so they can't use that I was like why not do you're GonNa let somebody who were they were drinking beer who had a good idea you're GonNa let them use this no I'm eight dot calls I'm called by God call ducks and were column in God is light is going to be good call their life absolute about six months have you live where he finally said look no book unless his name get called ladies and gentlemen what we have here on his people who follow Jesus and hunt ducks all these things we're doing in the Old Testament I all you get onum if you want to weigh over in the judges you know but just I bought an easier remember moving forward where at the Jesus is coming stayed way over in the Old Testament and which is a good reminder I mean I think said that in I'll know podcast three the three sections of the Bible Jesus is coming Earth because obviously we can't keep the law we have problems we need adaption and Matthew through John Jesus here and actually revelation he's coming again I mean even though we're hanging out in the Old Testament as you come in if you just hung out there I mean this this right at all well that's why allies we go through this Jesus is coming he you'll know the truth when he showed up he said he he he told those people that where he was from Nazareth he goes in they unroll the scroll hand it to him he was released the prisoners gift sight to the blind then he said today these scriptures being fulfilled in your at your hearing he went back seven hundred years told him the one Isaiah was talking about Debbie me and he sits down and they said it said is the eyes of everyone was fashioned don't him there what did he just get through saying he went back seven hundred years and said as the other Prophet was talking about him and now he's on the scene will wait he went on to say you'll know the truth the truth is set you free from Satan from mm seeing from guilt from a law works like Jason mentioned set you free from that and set you free from the grave for crying out loud will you you you look back in the Old Testament and that's where it was all headed way back from genesis three fifteen so one from a woman would crush Satan's head you know when that's why it's important Yulon's people say well why do we really need the Old Testament but you mentioned we're talking about bill bar you tell me Judeo Christian it's important to understand Jewish history because that's Christian history yup you don't have one without the other try Jesus was genesis subtle things you know caprice ago I shared this doll that one of the arguments against God from a biblical viewpoint is you know Mrs one three God said let there be light but he didn't create the Sun 'til the fourth day so the people who oppose God their lives are they have light without design and so I did this deal about God is light and you know when you read relation twenty two it says we won't need the Sun or you know when we're all together because God is our light university says God lives an unapproved symbol I lied or but it's so weird how they take small things they look at the Bob when they're not looking at the person who wrote it they're just looking at it as initiative to try to pick apart and find inconsistencies especially with you know we come to Joshua judges I did the same thing because they're like well this is graphic this amine these things there's wars going on and people dying God's sanction all this and you know because it just does it fit their narrative live of everybody holding hands singing Kumbaya and it's God's ousted of our own or awry when we our neighbor and we get look the slaughterhouse did you read about in judges where we are kind of in the text in the Old Testament that slaughterhouse she will go back before oh that before the flood you say Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse someone says how much slaughter going on way back there and the Old Testament kind of get in all that well fast forward announced two thousand eighteen years since Jesus got here and I would say based on what the Wars I've seen Tom Lived on earth out. It's still a slaughterhouse ironic is this the same sand that we've been talking about we slaughter on children's thanks Sam we've been talking about that's in the news these last two weeks about Syria and you know trump pulled the troops out sure people are unhappy we were supporting the Kurds which were not that's the same sand they were reading about in his old tessler there was a lot of war there was a lot of war go league ehrich now but God set this emotion with the idea that he would become one of us and be slaughtered for us now we ten the thing that all happen before Jesus but it actually that was his plan all along because God is not like us where he's waiting or traveling gene so he knew the whole reason that we have a physical body in this spiritual world that we came from in our citizenship is in heaven is so that he could become a human being and be killed so that we can all be saved he became flesh so that he could die and the and the murder can changes but in this case the murder of the son of God Jesus Saves the world and saves all the bad events that we read about in the story while store so let me catch me catch everybody up in by the way I appreciate everybody and we're bringing a lot of good feedback from you guys that are listening and watching about how much you've enjoyed sore the biblical narrative that we've taken on the podcast and that's what we love doing the last time we talked sort of are we kind of follow and central fee figures in the Old Testament and Sorta tell their stories but then how it all has kind of woven together as we talked about this morning the Latte we left off with basically God's people being formed as a nation at the foot amount Saana and we talked about a lot of fear there there was a lot of events as we are dollar tree because which would be a shadow of those in Jesus right thousands of years later becoming I think it repeater that says the computer where the holy nation right of God rush was the shadow that God the living also God could actually live with people in an intimate way in a in a priest priest as a nation a city you know there's different way still the rest of the book of Exodus Deuteronomy is there Leviticus is basically the setting up of God's nation you here's your what you just said here's your priestly responsibilities here here's the law here's a nation just like ours was a pattern to come the reality hasn't yet come yet so you had your ten majors kind of what we would call our bill of rights you know the ten major things the law would you know astill we look at we've talked quite a bit about a lot of great principles and then there was all these underpinnings of laws food laws and all these different things that were laid out so got it always plan on taking those people and then they were going to live in a place that he had promised Abraham about several hundred years earlier Rene Abraham was called out he said looking about four hundred years this lands GonNa be given to your descendant so we're kind of foul in that narrative is ab problem was the people were so faithless and kept wanting to go back under slavery back to Egypt the Gods said okay one whole generation you don't you don't get to go so everybody that came out that the initial generation you don't go so they stayed out there for forty years so that whole route that out that's that's about hard headed it's harsh but the same time was like you're not going in because you don't have faith in kind of takes the next step to today I was reading that last night you know when they said he'd been wandering forty years I forgot where I was exactly what it was like all the men of the military age they just died during that that wondering and so all the kids that had been born well known 'em had been circles size and so he he's made them be circum had a mass circumstances well I thought more glad I wasn't in that camp out think about it John is yeah hey just get him up here so we we've had discussions before owner podcast about the Internet that being a not really internet gaffe although he's been offered mile laying right but Jay some interesting points that you know our kids are out here especially our children and we you've been very open about some of the struggles with teenage kids got a teenage grandkids immaturity thank you know they're out mature to Halas to too much access at an early in the problem is they know more than we do you know Jason Better studied than me but I I'm well because I have a sixteen year old so my grandma ever said is that I don't use those devices I'm just setting an example to prove you can function without it you sure even that modern Minnesota you have you say not now you don't have to that's right but I would say if you do have it be careful on how you so so kids have all these distractions you got snapchat instagram. You're not in the older people are distracted also stroke you know and they're not dealing with kids rights attorneys out maturity have a problem so there's a product it's here to help and we're here to tell you about it today's is called Circle and so basically it manages all your family's own time access it prohibits your children from buying apps that you don't want them to buy which is like it sense to me that keeps track across everyone of your devices laptop phone tablets smart TVs because now it's even the TV video game consoles that's another one the computer applications that's pretty good so circle we want you to check it out right now since you're our listeners unit thirty dollars off this what they call circle home plus which is though package so you go to meet circle that's all one word Meat Circle Imi M. E. E. T. our Cli.

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