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Yeah, she still is like there's like other parts of Jennifer garner that we're aware of and like felt the need to mention, which I think is uncommon for. A lot of actresses, I think it helps to be like an unbelievably, unbelievably attractive forty year old white movie stars in that case yet it's like the wick like with like a very consistent style? Yes, that I'm into that, like just works for her. She not trendy at all. She just like has been wearing the same thing for years. She's kind of the embodiment of mom, jeans, jeans or a person without mom, jeans or cool. And so now Jennifer garner is cool. It's really interesting. I never would have predicted it made it a foot. I admire her and I think she really just is handled herself so well to really, really difficult circumstances. Although I wish her the best totally, I find an impressive. I'm I find that in my old age of my early thirties. Yeah, that I'm really drawn to the celebrities who like value family more than anything else. Like I used to be really critical Steph curry. But now I just think that they're five. Some is so durable and like on the great, they're just really strong people with great character. And I don't know, this is what aging must be like. Valuing family together, valuing family. Let's move on the Cosby show situation. Yeah, su- Jeffrey Ellen Geoffrey, Owens sue. You're only vaguely familiar legally. All right. So here's what happened. A woman was shopping at trader Joe's in New Jersey, and notice that Geoffrey Owens who played he was Elvin on the Cosby show. Yes. So he was like the son in law. He was working the register at trader Joe's and because the Cosby show was made thirty years ago. He looks different than he did on the Cosby show. And this woman took some pictures and pictures went like incredibly viral. And at first of his people kinda like shaming him for looking different than working at a trader Joe's, which I think some random people, though we can investigate who those people are. Didn't think that that was impressive. And then there was a pretty massive outcry. People being like, have their shameless person work is important. It ended up like in the span of three days. Suddenly he was on good Morning America, giving an interview about it. You know this business of my being the Cosby guy who got shamed for working at trader Joe's that's going to pass. You know at that that's going to, you know, in some measure of time that's gonna pass away, but I hope what doesn't pass is this. Idea that people are now thinking this rethinking about what it means to work, Nicki Menaj just donated twenty five thousand dollars to him for no reason that I can possibly tell except Nicki Menaj needs to insert herself into everything at this point and desperate for. That's kind of like that's the end of the cycle. You know, when they came in ashes and inserted herself into over. But so what was interesting to me was two things a kind of we can talk about the reaction and the narrative, but how this happened. I didn't really understand at first I thought she just posted them on social media and then the Daily Mail and all of that too. Yes, no, she submitted the photos of the Daily Mail now, right? Well, at the end of each of their video that says, we pay for photos. We pay for video. She claims that she was not paid for the photos, but she claims that, but she doesn't meant that she just sent them to the Daily Mail. So her instinct and this was I'm at trader Joe's. I recognize this person. I'm going to take these photos and I'm going. To mail them to the Daily Mail. What a coup for the Daily Mail. That's depressing. Yeah. So when it was social media, so this woman has since given an interview saying like she's incredibly apologetic and she regrets doing it and she is pretty honest about the thought process of going through it. I'll read her quote. I don't know why spend a picture. I figured everybody else does it. I don't know what possessed me just did it. I didn't even think about it. I just kind of did it on impulse and it was a bad impulse. I get this like I get the taking the picture thing right? Because. We see celebrities all the time. I text you when I see someone randomly at the grocery store. Oh my God..

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