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Of course, is preferable to sanitizer whenever possible. For people on the street, that means finding running water wherever they can. CDC covert protocols say if drinking water fountain can't be sanitized after each use Then it should be shut off. And that's what the city is done because of hygiene issues. 12 downtown faucets were recently turned on. You think the city needs to turn on all the faucets? Yeah, yeah, they didn't really do They really do captain, as he's known by, says someone keeps breaking this public fountain. The service is nearly all of Pioneer Square. They would come back in the morning. This is broken up if they fixed this thing at least four times this year. Public health says it's in talks with the city about other safe water options in Seattle. Matt Markovich Cuomo News pop superstar Demi Lovato has been explaining lately that her philosophy for staying sober is something she calls California sober. Almost Molly Shannon says that has sparked a warning from health professional. This controversial idea is an addict trying to stop using something like opioids by allowing themselves to use something they see as less dangerous performer Demi Lovato nearly died of a drug overdose in 2018, and she admits today she is not staying sober. Instead, she still uses marijuana and alcohol. She says she's not encouraging others to follow her path. Yet Still, people who work on substance abuse issues say she is setting a dangerous example. If opiates is your problem, or something else is your problem, and you can't live without even alcohol or marijuana to something's definitely going on there. Like what? Why do you have to substitute the opiates with something else? So to me, that's like you're not even really getting to the root of the problem because you're still masking it with substances. Pat Cronin is an addiction specialist and 16 years sober himself, he says people with substance use disorders need a treatment plan that helps them curb their use. And that's different than substituting with other drugs that says it is key. To talk to someone who understands what you're going through. And we know finding that kind of help can be a challenge. So we've added a list of resource is on our website. Just go to come on news dot com slash addicted kummel News time 8 14. Our couple traffic now every 10 minutes from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Here's Kierra Jordan. They've had a long term crash on the shoulder south and four or five. It's state route 5 to 7 that's still causing a solid backup. Toh I five North found four or five, a slow from the Valley Freeway into Newcastle and Moore slowing from I 90 into downtown Bellevue. We have a new stall south on I five at 200. That's blocking the H O V lane, and it looks like a new issue on North Bound four or five. You're to 72nd. I believe that might be blocking the H O v lane as well. I'm seeing about a mile back up there. Northen. Eye five is also solid in Seattle from the north End of Boeing Field to the convention center. We've been finding often on slowing North found 99 from Cloverdale to the west Seattle Bridge north and 167 busy out of Sumner into Pacific Heavy from 180th to 4 or five. Our next Cuomo traffic out 8 24 in traffic sponsored by Beacon, plumbing, heating and electrical called Beacon today, say $50 on all electrical work just called 1 800 freaking and stop freaking called Beat him. Weather. Not bad at all. It might be a little McGee will be partly sunny with a high near 75 4. Today, Mostly cloudy overnight temperature drops.

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