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I never knew that was the thing too now of course it to thing come on so i think there are bunch of questions here in around a question first of all how old are you guys does your boyfriend smoke if you young then there's a chance to this is like performing things icty and sure you might need some say alice in the young people these days they are so much internet porn and people like note this is not joking there's so much internet poor and guys mass to be so much that because of that you know you show up to have a relationship with your loved one and you can get it up anymore um and i see that probably once a week so when you see this guy's how incomes can erections is it getting a restaurant or is it getting rich and with you and it doesn't really have to do with how hot you are or how you know how much for you're doing in those situations it's literally just you know it's like that something around mary thing where do you wack off before you go out on a date this guy's writing off two or three or four times before he seeing the that night and so of course he's not to be able to get it up into a little saleh's does help with that but you just gotta stop lacking off so much the other thing that happens in these situations with young guys is a lot of them are smoking so much pot these days that it there's too much you know their school over the of mona balance and itch can screw up your actions as well i didn't know that was the thing dr mike it's a thing.

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