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Critics. No one liked it. I thought it was the most fun thing ever. It was ridiculous. What didn't run a call and she called it Planet Hollywood in New York City. Yes. Was such a relief. It was like sing mama Mia to and also like. Store line. I learned nothing about her, by the way. There was no information. Here's where I learned. I learned that she was cut out of all contracts and business negotiations. Her name. And that is insane. She had no right to any of her money when they were doing the Sonny and Cher show, the production company was called like share productions and she zero percent interest in it. And the fact that she'd started directing the episodes because she didn't like the directors. Right, right. I thought that was a blast. And like, listen, could you get it? I to say the I got you babe. Number made, literally made me cry. I all I was crying after the actor right before halftime right before halftime. He was balling. And I was like I thought he was laughing and I turn around the lights go up, and he's got tears streaming down his face. Now. I saw it on a lot of weed minutes because I needed to be very high. Yeah. It's I think the only way to save is on drugs because there is some step in there. Are you ready to talk about details? I'm ready. I'm ready, by the way, I did not see at high. Although I might as well been high because Kim Connie share all right around. Hoda? Found turn around and slap that phone out of his hand hold. It took a selfie with them. While this play was go. Yes. Yes. She did. Yes. So would I went it was in previews? Yes. Still. So I was with. A million. I was with half at the audience was Trump supporters who were like pre they were like, oh share fans and half of the audience don't have Twitter accounts. Yes. And half of the audience were plus forty game in sure over forty game. That's like Dolly was exactly. So I felt like this show needed to succeed because it needs to go on tour at he'll America. It's the only time those people will be in the same space cheering for the same woman. I thought feminist undertones and straight up over things that were said in that were amazing and groundbreaking. Yeah. They were great. And I just say like as far as jukebox musical juke box. Musicals go like, mama Mia, the Donna summer musical. This is the best one. I thought did you think it was smart that they had shared being played by three different women? I liked it. Yeah. I loved the oldest share Stephanie j block shoes my favorite shooting. Incredible. She was perfect. I there are so there too shocking things share and also be subtle is insane. But she was late nuance. And like she did it was incredible. Anyway, sorry, also, it is weird to see the three shares together and see who's doing an an impression of share. And who's doing their own interpretation of share totally give all berry allure little bit different. What songs did you? Download after. All in is saying as soon as we get in the car since the share show is do you believe in life after all I'm seeing is turn back time. And I got you babe. For the show. It absolutely is. Because okay. Let me say stay to critical things about the show. Number one. There's a scene where share meets Phil spector because Sony introduces her to Phil spector. And then that's where she kind of quote unquote starts being a backup singer. And there is not one joke in there about how Phil spector is going to be a murderer at some point. I think it was a little irresponsible to do that. Because if you had a jukebox musical, and for some reason, Bill Cosby was a character. But it was the past you would have to acknowledge. They don't acknowledge it. They don't at least have him like fumble and drop a revolver. And I'm so bad with these or something, and I'm actually surprised because the show is so big. I mean, it's like big comedy moments. Very easy for them to go. I gotta go ahead of the rain for. Yeah. Way to kill it or something like that..

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