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Hey if you're a kid out there you should play every sport until you know for sure that you're going in that gulf direction and that advice. Yeah i was standing there with harrison. Baiter and i said boy does that make a lot of sense in. He was like absolutely does harrison was there was a lot of. Vip's that were at this event and it was just cool. It was just. It was neat to see Whether it was dignitaries in politics or ceo's or harrison badir but people that were there that were in awe of watching greatness and they were hanging on every word man so it was. It was really cool. It was a neat thing. I think lewis can planted slag as a place to come on a kick ass golf tournament. All that and put whether it's gymnastics or the winter classic or whatever man if you want to be well received and you want to have an attentive sports fan base than than come to your event here And hopefully that word is is spreading and certainly seems to be engulf. I've got a shameless plug Sunday night ten. Thirty on the scoops. Tv show on fox channel to nolan. Gorman will be my guest john. we'll be my guest and pat hughes longtime voice of the cubs. He has baseball voices. He does these compilations of Any edits him rights him finds all this historic Calls and whatnot of great baseball voices. He'll be my guest on sunday. So nolan gorman pat hughes j k coming up on sunday. I always ask you what he working on for the post-dispatch this weekend this is perfect so i wanted to ask you if i'm off on this. I put on my conspiracy hat this week. When i saw jaden schwartz signed that contract with seattle like you know happy trails to jay schwartz. Awesome guys So important to the blues winning the cup and great player. You know one of the most hard nose guys blues have had and everybody loves them and you love to see him get a good deal. However did you kind of take do a double take at the way. This works with the expansion. Seattle gets to take vince. Done in the expansion draft after having an exclusive window to negotiate with schwartz and the other free agents and if they would have signed schwartz before the expansion draft in that exclusive exclusive window than they would have not been able to take done but they didn't sign shorts. they apparently got really really close to signing schwartz. They take down in the expansion going two for one on this and then they take and then they and then they just so happen to finish up that that negotiation schwartz and get both of them like what. I'm just a little confused. And i know. I know the league had to sweeten the pot so the expansion teams because for too long they were too bad and clearly. You know i'm wondering if they get a little too much now. Like vegas doesn't have a team. They don't have to lose a player in the expansion draft because there are one of the newer teams. Didn't it's the cup final in their first year. It never missed a playoff. Why the hell couldn't vegas give up a player in the expansion jet. I think they might have overcorrected this thing a little bit. So i wrote about that for. I wrote about that for the patriots at and i'm just curious if you're with not as youth you followed hockey a long time. What the blues kinda got the raw end of the deal here. Why would say so because of the two. I hate seeing vince dongo. I'm a big big vince. Done guy and if you knew the direction they were going to go you would have made that one player available in the draft.

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