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In Carmichael Fulsome Also 93 cooler now grove at 88 degrees. 6 31 Cave, Keanu this afternoon is California begins to open more businesses after they were closed down to that spike in cover 1918 cases back in mid June. We've got more details with ABC is Alex Stone as part of a new color coded system in California dictating what has to close and what could be open today. In many counties, barbershops and hair salons can reopen indoors malls and all retail can reopen, but only 25% capacity. Still, all of the county's here in Southern California are considered to have widespread cove it 19 outbreaks will most are beginning to loosen rules. L A County is not yet that like Stone, ABC NEWS, Los Angeles and we'll have more with KP case Tim Lance at 6 47 at KFBK. An explosion of Copan 19 cases has shut down in person instruction at Chico State University. The numbers Aaron and they are not good. College age people accounting for 133 positive Corona virus tests over the weekend late Sunday night, University President Gail Hutchinson said the university would immediately stop in person instruction for roughly 1600 students. She also added that the residents halls would need to be emptied by September. 6th. Butte County. Had 178 people test positive this weekend and now has 361 people isolated with active cases of the virus. Chica State says the fall semester will be conducted entirely online with hopes of resuming in person instruction in the spring of 2021. Mike Baka News 93.1 kfbk well after being removed due to cope in 19 concerns, Jump bikes are back in Sacramento, Kate Case Taylor Martin has more on the bike's returned to the capital City Line says they have made 200 bikes available for Sacramento ants and will roll out an additional 600 bikes based on writer demand. But how is lime ensuring Writers air safe? According to their website, Lime has enhanced their cleaning methods and increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting. Additionally, line is asking writers to use at least 70%. A whole based hand sanitizer before and after every trip, Lime says. They've returned because they provide communities with an open air single writer. Transportation option that allows writers to maintain social distance. Taylor Martin News 93.1 KFBK Sacramento Vice Mayor Jeff Harris says the relaunch helps the city reach climate and equity goals related to transportation. AFB, California Wildfire Watch California's second largest wildfire in history is now 60% contained up from 55 last night, but it also keeps getting bigger. More details Now from Bill White at R K Fuck a Wildfire desk Kitty. The S C U Complex fire grew by 5000 Acres overnight to 383,000 total structures damaged or destroyed, is holding at 122 but about 20,000 are still considered threatened Cal Fire says the most active flames are at elevations above 1800 ft. Where humidities Air lo. The Siri's of lightning cost fires that started just over two weeks ago are burning primarily in eastern Santa Clara County and portions of San Joaquin Stanislas and Mur, said county's Bill White News 93.1 kfbk Well, time is ticking for Californians to complete the US 2020 since escapee case Mike Blunt has this report. Director of California complete Count DDS catalog says residents have until September 30th to fill it out online. We really want to emphasize taking those few minutes to complete the senses as of the end of August, around 65% of Californians have participated, which is the most households of any other state with Qatargas is reaching some households has proven difficult start go to strategy has been to really focus locally and regionally, she says, since his counters or using strategies like going door to door neighborhoods that have been historically difficult to reach. In using phone banks to remind people who may have forgotten you can fill out the census Online at 2020 census dot gov. Mike Blunt news 93.1 KFBK As those wildfires rage across northern California existing laws restrict the use of evacuation sirens pending a signature from Governor Newsome. That's about to change. KPK Sze Johnny de Agostini has that story Legislators or passing Senate Bill 909 a bill that will authorise the use of the European style high low sirens to help emergency authorities in evacuations. Despite the sirens.

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