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Athletics. Third baseman matt chapman. All right kevin with match the as here getting ready for the final game of this series on sunday night baseball and take the yesterday was a much needed win for your ball club when you get a win like yesterday's it kinda change the mood for everybody. After the way the last week gone I mean it's nice to get that win. Every game at this point is very important for us. You know considering where we're at it's nice to get that win. You know but. I don't think our team was pressing or anything by any means. I mean it sucks. When you're losing frustrated. Were not happy. But i think. Rt has a pretty special ability to You know flush it and move to the next day. We don't carry too much baggage But it is nice to get that win. And now we have an opportunity to split this series and you know hit the road regroup and get on the street care so i think we feel good about it and you know. We're just focused on getting that win today. And i think We'll put ourselves good spot without speaking feeling good. Did chris bassett coming back to the clubhouse after would he's been through the last couple of weeks mean just to everybody to see him again in back with you guys means a lot of snow and we been playing good lately but you know i feel like both days. We've seen hispasat with one baseball game. So his energy is definitely missed He brings a lot of stuff to the table whether it's on on the field and he's pitching are off the field. He's a leader on this clubhouse leader for the pitchers and having him around and just i. I feel like you forget how much you miss somebody until you see him. So it's nice to see him and you know. I'm just glad that he's on the road to recovery is all. They're really matters..

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