Trump Tower, Russian Government, President Trump discussed on The Mark Levin Show


What he added eur five or six thousand people show up the media never covers at here you have one hundred kids go to tallahassee here you have couple of thousand people coming to a anti trump rally at trump tower paid foreign supported by the russian government and it's endless coverage endless coverage takes nothing to get a few thousand people somewhere takes nothing get one hundred people somewhere go ahead our president lags that person organized this protests from a 20yearold student loans from st john's ladimir putin organized it so i'm waiting for the indictment of lattimore putin by the great rod rosenstein and robert muller mueller muller where's the indictment of vladimir putin where's the indictment of the russian government tough guys but he just like pick it on american citizens and brutalizing them and waiting them up with their wives in bed in the middle of the morning are you just like threatening them with four hundred counts of tax this and financial that pathetic disgusting go ahead in new york and he actually receive one shut up you idiot why does anybody listen a cnn and msnbc i'll tell you why because we're a country great people and there were country very it we got both walk on on the same sidewalks trimbe and on the same street gene that the same restaurants so msnbc and cnn were willing dupes in this rusher propaganda against trump hillary clinton campaign she's never had to account for this and the dnc debbie wasserman schultz never had to account for this.

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