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Event altogether. So we made the decision. We're gonna go virtual at that time but it took us quite a while for us to find a platform that would be as dynamic as we needed because as you know because you've been to the event for number of years It's an extremely dynamic bennett. Very hands on very It's just A very kinesthetic feeling to be at the event you feel the energy and everything so to try to translate that over two virtual event Took some doing a while to find the white Platform virtual platform. And so. we're really excited about the virtual event that we're planning to or it's never gonna be what the live event is and And that's okay and we will you know. We'll have the live event next year. And this is a time to shout out the team daily wessex because these people have people were handpicked to put on a live event. That's wheelhouse and that's their expertise and they all of them have have have had to shift and learn. New skill sets legal. A bowl this off. It's not it's not ea- as easy as just doing a quote unquote virtual event. Which i think many people think and from the outside looking in with look that way. But i can. I can tell you. It's not like that at all different business mobile app absolutely and i know just for myself personally on radio. I remember the day that i got the call and they said you're going to start doing the show from home and i was. I knew that could happen. But i wasn't. I wasn't prepared mentally. I had the equipment. Not well. I did but i had to buy new equipment but anyway none of that matters but i completely understand because i have had to like. I've really struggled this year. But i stayed on the air. I haven't missed a show since november of last year. I've worked through it trying to bring as much good information and calm to our listeners. Out there through one of the most difficult periods in the history of the world thus far. So yeah i mean i know what that feels like a firsthand but you know For people that are maybe just now getting their cars and joining us. Can you tell us how. The virtual event will work again. And then we'll go to seven pillars again. Yes so You can get access by going. Pillow affects dot com forward slash virtual signing up and you can either have one day access or thirty to access. I highly recommend thirty eight day access. It's not that much more money than the one day access. And then you'll have time to really go through and watch everything and you Can interact of a game indication of the the the entire thing. So that if you attend if you attend Different sessions you get points and you attend if you go to all the exhibitor booths you get points and then you can win prizes. Were going to be giving away quite a few prizes throughout the entire event and so Yeah it's gonna be a lot of fun and a lot of networking opportunities to See really great content. Great information and excellent speakers the other piece that. I'm really excited about so a lot of people that have been able to attend the live. Event love the aspect that they have the so interactive that they have this opportunity to really get involved and ask questions and and Have have interaction with the speakers from the stage. This is a really cool feature of our virtual platform so that there are a number of speakers that are going to actually be doing live. breakout sessions and dave assery is one of them. Not all of them can do it because not everybody's available on saturday to be able to to do that but there's a large number of them they're going to be doing breakout sessions where you're going to have a really intimate to ask questions and talk with these speakers which i think is super cool. So i'm really excited about that. Aspect of the virtual event. I think that's something that's really interesting and different than Probably a lot of other events have done or And the fact that we're doing this and we it's it's kind of a really cool Situation versus being able to do the questions at the at the event where you're kind of An anonymous person in the crowd asking a question of a speaker. Or what have you. This is going to be a lot more intimate and online. And they'll the speaker will know who you are. What your name is and everything. You're asking the questions bernadette. One thing i'd like to add that your listeners may not know is for those who have been to the live. Event or exhibitor floor is full chock full of exhibitors who have passed muster. It's not just anybody who strokes check gets on the paleo. Thanks for they have to be betted. Heavily vetted and the same. It's going to be true. For the virtual event. Every exhibitor every sponsor there has been heavily vetted to be the highest quality. The best of the best of the best. You can be assured if you've come across an exhibitor at our event either virtual or they have passed the test absolutely. The criteria criteria is tough. And i'm the same way of the same mind mindset again especially on that. Why would you endorse something that you don't believe in or actually use yourself and and know the science behind it right So yeah so the seven pillars of health. We've got a few minutes to go over these. I've written down the ones that i remember. I don't have my little book where i wrote them. Down the other night but Nutrition mental emotional physical and spiritual. I know there's two markers or seven and that's only five so let's start at the top so Okay so physical Obviously your physical health. What you eat. how you workout How you sleep. What your stress level that kind of thing is part of the physical and the mental is going to be Definitely the mental stress. And you know how you think The the type of thinking that you is it positive. What have you been. And then you know being a critical thinker that type of thing One of the things affects is. We're never going to tell you what to think. We're going to tell you how to think we're gonna teach you how to ask the right questions and it gets right to the right answer for because my right answer may not be yours or keith. Or or years bernadette or anybody else's my right answer and my particular paleo lifestyle is completely different than everybody else's and there's as many paleo diets as there are humans on the planet so the thing is is that your paleo could look like kito. It could look true paleo. It could look prime only could look. Low-carbon can look carnivore. It could look vegan. it could look vegetarian. Really totally depends on the individual and what works for them and so the real thing comes down to removing all the toxins from your life and the toxins are not just in your food but there in your environment. That's what you put on your skin. It's what you clean your house with. It is the toxic thoughts it is people. Toxic getting rid of those Things so and then the other thing is there's the spiritual aspect and there's tribal you need to have a community and a and a life team is what we call it. You need to have a life team that supports you that they are your chosen family. You may have a family and that is really great and very supportive and wonderful and there's a lot of us that don't and so Then you need to choose your family. You need to choose that family. That's gonna be there for you and it doesn't have to be a whole lot of people but you know that's that's an important aspect of being a truly optimized healthy human being and then So we have. We've gone through physical mental emotional These are all of the feelings. Your feelings are important. And there's not a single thing wrong with any feeling you have and the problem that we have in particularly in this country as that we tamp down feelings and we. They are unacceptable or inappropriate and that is totally not true because the emotional aspect of of us. Humans is one of the things that makes us the most dynamic. We are the only species that can have thought and completely change entire chemical makeup. Wow and that's really important when you actually feel the feelings that you have and allow them to come through because the trapped emotions. The trauma in the body is what calls causes disease and epi The the next one would be relational obviously relationships. That's going to be more personal and enter more Necessarily the whole tribe or community that you have but the in the individual relationships that you have and the relationship that you have with yourself then their spiritual and then and again. We're not gonna tell you what to think but believing in something is really important for all of us because of the aspect of your direct connection to god divine universe. Whatever you want to call it is really important for your health. And then financial Obviously if you don't have health it highly likely you're not gonna have very You're not going to be very wealthy and that's really true. Health causes wealth. Yeah and that's the one i was forget. I forgotten about That's one of them the other one. I dunno whatever. When i think it was relational Yeah but i. But i love that. You're bringing this altogether and good for you both for continuing on and pushing through this very difficult time in our country and making it happen regardless any way that you can put a quote on social. You know when the going. My dad used to say this when the going gets tough the tough get going. you know. that's that's kind of how i feel about halio. Fx right anytime adaptable survive. They not only survive thrive and that. My dad really didn't talk like that. He actually talked like this. Because the tally but anyway it's so great to have you guys on the air with us today. And i will be there on saturday watching and i wish you the best of luck and we're gonna be talking about all week long tomorrow. Dave aspreys on the show. I'm so excited. He's going to be talking about his new book and how to lose weight. Get smarter and live your longest healthiest life with a bulletproof guide to fasting And thanks again for jumping on with us today. Can't wait to see you in person one day. Hopefully soon thanks you guys five hundred that thank you for having all right. Love you guys okay. We're going to go to break. More coming up with serena poon. You're not gonna wanna miss this. You guys we're gonna be talking about culinary.

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