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One. Our top story today, democrat and former HUD secretary Julian Castro announced he plans to run for president. And he had comments for President Trump is well after he claimed that we're facing an invasion at the border. The president called it a national security crisis. Well, there is a crisis today. It's a crisis of leadership. Donald Trump has failed to uphold the values of our great nation. Forty four year old Castro served as HUD secretary under Barack Obama, and as the mayor of San Antonio democrat Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard announcing yesterday, she's throwing her hat in the ring as well. It's three oh to the longest ever government shutdown continues through the weekend all the politicians have left Washington. DC? Megan Kelly is parting ways NBC the network has issued a release saying that the news host is no longer and employee Kelly show was cancelled in October after she made comments about wearing black face. Sources say Kelly is receiving a thirty million dollar payout from NBC. She told TMZ on Thursday that she will definitely be back on TV 'cause you just can't live on thirty million anymore. I guess in sports five new hires for the new university of Houston, head football coach, Dana Holger Sohn. Yesterday's announcement. Includes his assistant coach from West Virginia. Tyron carrier who will feel right at home because he was once a record setting receiver for the Cougars receiver named carrier kind of clever and this morning. He announced that Brandon Jones will be the co offensive coordinator, Alex bregman. Don't you love him? Well, he is recovering from elbow surgery. And the team expects him to be ready for opening day Astros are preparing to hit the road ahead of baseball season. The Astros caravan will make stops across Texas and the Houston area starting Tuesday. January twenty second the caravan gives fans a chance to meet and interact with current and former players broadcasters and even the stroz mascot orbit Houston area. Caravan stops will include Katie the Woodland's and inside the sixteen loop other stops during the week. We'll be in San Antonio Austin and Corpus Christi the week will culminate with the annual Astros fan. Fast at minute maid park on Saturday, January twenty sixth Coriolis at NewsRadio seven forty KTAR. H we've got the full schedule for the Astros caravan. Posted online at KTAR H dot com. Well, it's football playoff time. Someone needed to remind you of that will anyway, this is what's coming up today. Colts play the chiefs at in about half an hour or so and the Cowboys play tonight at seven fifteen now tomorrow charges and patriots. They kick off just afternoon and then the eagles and saints play at three forty tomorrow afternoon. A new study says if you wanna live longer eat more fiber, a study.

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