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Is on the way twelve o six today. Jodi eaters prosecutor Hamlin. Counties in studio answering maybe firing back to some degree here too, I'm curious to hear, I had Todd poor tune Hamilton county commission president on the show and. He said, Joe maybe, a little hard heartedness thing with the home a little. Hard hearted he said hard hearts and we can't be hardhearted and dealing with, the homeless and my response is a guy who is looking at. Both sides of this just trying to come up with an answer to keep everybody happy and I think it's a rather simple solution as we, have tons of land around maybe someone who wants to donate privately or just. Keep it and that is do what, they do in. Akron and Hammond homeless village there whereas, homeless people who have, not read let's face it there's people are homeless are not ready not all of them but now they're just not ready for that transition to what, you and I, consider a normal and good life which, is a, roof over our head. An apartment house whatever it might. Be for various reasons mental defects whatever it is drugs let's call it what it, is so maybe. There's a place where these folks Folks can go and and being an encampment but the encampments, on private ground, not like thirteenth and, Republic you'd have to have I don't know porta-pottys. You'd have to have. A shower stations and stuff like that but now you have them, in a in a, location where there's no curfew and they come in they goes eight please. But you, know it's, fenced there's some discretion it's discreet to some degree as. Much as you could be in an urban setting and then you have a, place where the homeless are going and how many would there be. Maybe fifty but but now you have a place where they can be reached by people who are outreach workers right to say hey do you, need anything medical treatment can we get you some therapy gets you in rehab. Do you want you want job training, stuff like and. We can then reach them and get, because it's hard to, get individual homeless when they're hiding in nooks and crannies if you have them altogether there's safety numbers certainly it's more sanitary certainly from a aesthetical standpoint, it's better and, it's better for them too because now, they are, close to the resources, the resources and come to them. And I think that that is a better solution now can you live there thirty forty years no we ought to be working with us to try and figure out what is the problem mentally most likely what is the issue preventing you from becoming a productive citizens so to speak and having them over like sam sam adams sam adams atlanta's did with finance army here's a guy was almost for a long time and he was able to turn his life around it's incredible story and be an inspiration and have people exam go there but when you have homeless people at thirteenth republic you have a tent village they're invisible area or along third street or it might be in front of jack casino you're doing that to exploit the same people you claim you're helping you know you got lawyers down there encouraging these people to stay where they are not move because they see a big payday coming out here let's not forget what the f._c._c. cincinnati west end deal was about why that thing got held up for a little bit and what the controversy was and with the same people who are clamoring for inclusion in clamoring for free wi fi and repairing their house Houses and churches and we, want the Sada and all. This nonsense all this noise after the, deal was struck and it didn't cause the deal. To fall apart but it caused a lot. Of confusion a lot. Of problems, it's the same rabble rousers, using homeless people as pawns in this that's disgusting it's reprehensible is what it is I'm sorry if you're. The reason you're homeless is not because of bad life choices are because of abuse or drug whatever the reasons are those are reasons for being homeless and solid reasons we gotta look at it as a society to help people figure out a way around that But when they say I'm homeless because I want, to be in a shelter and I, don't have a dog. And I wanna I I can't bring my dog with me so. I choose. To live on the street I'm. Sorry that's an excuse not a reason a reason at all one guy thirty years old kept missing curfew at queen's, gate and they said. Listen here's a curfew can't make any you can't. Stay here and he kept missing curfew and guess what happened again why are you missing curfew Again excuses and not reasons but Mark my words what will happen. Is this. It is now. August sixteenth two. Thousand eighteen by about November December, certainly January February the same tent I don't know, if you're going, to, see them around. Because magically they're. Going to find a place to stay because it's. Too damn cold outside and? Cincinnati Ohio in those months Listen I want what's best for. People I don't wanna see people starve I don't wanna see families outside in, the cold or even the heat for that matter but we gotta meet halfway on this thing, and I think that's what Todd saying that's. What I'm saying and I. Hope that's what what Jodi saying, to and he's coming up with Willie.

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