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The reality is the machinations are in place. For this to continue. If God forbid, Joe Biden winds they'll say to the people on the left in charge. Do you want us to write or do you want to? You want to pay us off? If President Trump wins, we have four years. To find the people who are funding this domestic terrorism. And to neutralize their finances and to put them on trial if they're convicted to do with what we do there. These things are real. We faced something else. There's a spiritual component to this. I firmly believe it. And I ask you to not become the anger. I know that's difficult. We see what is being done to a car lot burning down a car. Lot will not Stop. Anyone from dying. It will not put bullets back in a gun. It will not Cause Jacob Blake to go back in time and to re think his decision to wrestle officers. I can't do that. We can see the circumstances. I've seen it. I've smelled the burning my cities. I struggled to not become the anger because then they went as well. Thank you. We make bad decisions and we become something we don't want to be. Let's talk to Tom in Orem, Utah, Tom, you're on the Russian mob program. It's taught Hermann filling in. Hi, Tom. I wanted, Teo. First of all those sent out prayers for rush way. We love him here. Ah, at my point is In the beginning of time we have been in a struggle between good and evil. Our Constitution gave us a chance to overcome evil because it was an inspired document. In my estimation. Now we You're in a position where evil Is at least evil feels like it's winning, and it really becomes a challenge for us. To be the best people we can be overcome the evil That's my point. What's a strong point and by the way, no or very, very well got family down an ornament, And I would say this about Mom, the evil winning In it wins in multiple ways. One of the ways that wins is that it makes us become the anger. That's what I was talking about that time. I don't want to do that. The other way. It wins, of course, is installs charity. And one of the things that I try to keep in mind is that God is aware of these battles. God knows things about her going on. He knew they would happen, and it can seem sometimes, like a burden on us just live in these times, And yet we are given an opportunity to be the ones who deal with this so others don't have to. It's our opportunity. I would say one last thing about this, Tom President Trump is an in perfect human being. Sometimes, as Rush Limbaugh has set himself. Sometimes the president says things that even ardent supporters have trouble digesting or defending. And yet I will tell you this I firmly believe after four years of watching this man, no one would fight this battle the way Donald Trump is fighting it. And I've heard Rush describe us is in a battle death battle with communism and I believe it on. I just want to thank you for the call Tom. Thanks very much. That's that's VOCs. Sometimes, and I've said this in my local show. Sometimes the words that leave my loud mouth when I'm doing talk radio saying, Goodness am I saying these things and I saying this about this country we love so much, and I am and I'm telling them to you because from the bottom of my heart and my soul, have studied the left for years under the tutelage of Russian I see it firsthand..

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