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Album was a flop to it wasn't until they teamed up with producer Bob Estrin that they finally had a hit with their third album. But by Nineteen seventy-two Alice Cooper were huge stars and generating more than their share of controversy. They were an easy target for grandstanding politicians. So Vincent now Alice responded with his own political satire, the nineteen seventy two elections were right around the corner and who would make the most unlikely candidate Alice Cooper. Despite the fact that reflected had bombed as a single Bob as really liked the song as the story goes, he told the band, it should be redone and made a hundred times bigger. So the riff and some of the melody of reflected were re used to create the new song elected. Elected was released as a single in September nineteen seventy-two right before the election it was also included as track number three on the billion dollar babies album that followed in February nineteen seventy. The Song Features Alice Cooper on Vocals Glen Buxton on Lead Guitar Michael Bruce on Rhythm Guitar Dennis. dunaway on Bass and Neil Smith on drums the song was written by five band members and produced by Bob as. The song opens with a big intro. One Crashing Guitar Chord in a few quick notes from Dennis Dunaway's base in the left channel along with some oddball percussion.

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