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Welcome back to the campus of Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti Michigan along side my front camcorder chant bush three the call here tonight to see UT jazz with comes babbling too if he did the whole if you will and Arbor givers Sade. meaning I received two teams literally fighting for position in the EE division standings UT standing at the top make even have lead over Irvine child is two one one you need to know and father gave a reassuring coming in at only one two today and Chad you can't get any bigger than this on a Friday night and the lights on this division one college football field it's Friday night were in the factory were going to have some fun it's high school and Arbor Gaber shard home coming second straight year they've done this thing where they've come here to the factory Easter mish university home a Chris Creighton's eagles will play a central issue tomorrow this is a fun venue in these boys are ready for it they're up against it the father deeper chard is an underdog tonight there's no doubt about it but they come in here for one they got a little pep in their steps to it's cold it's windy Lawrence souls that earlier you never can trust conditions you would be has a lot of speed athleticism if Chelsea yes this they've got all kinds of folks in their corner tonight and they come in with the three into record so they're underdog or the Irish at home the underdog Irish at home we know what happens in college football watch out don't buy you would be a big favor tonight here in Ypsilanti when you look at these two teams you look first at the quarterbacks in high school football so pivotal to the offense that kind of cliche but at the same time if you have a good quarter bank you can leave you a long way especially guy who can run in thrown we have to those here today for deliveries sureness number two Greg Kihn sick yes second years earlier he did get a start in the state playoffs three years ago as a sophomore but this is a guy who is really starting to develop and met general on the sidelines for keepers had like twenty seats yeah he's in his third year now and he's a guy that got his whistle wet in the playoffs as a sophomore quiet not emotional guy but really a good leader quiet leader also pretty darn good basketball player school leader this is a guy that you can count on it. the guy that gave her sure feels at home they can put the ball in their hands in their wing T. office not about it on the other side for the UT jazz would comes yeah the guy in the brown that certainly developing he's only young song more four hundred ninety four yards on the campaign three touchdowns four interceptions that's something the Abbasi won him the limits but it's something you did not do the lance game after two straight games of two consecutive picks purse to center division teams and brother rice in Catholic central's with the guy that they like it or leading on to lead him down the stretch run in the state playoffs and certainly hopefully a prop for for them as well yeah in a brown sauce for quarterback this kids the future the program I like him a lot he wears number nine and and he's a guy's throat for almost five hundred yards but he's been quite accurate sixty five percent he's got better as the reps have gone on he's had to compete for the job with DJ Johnson so he's won the job clearly he could run it he could throw it I really like his arm I mean this is a kid that you would be like she's got some targets to throw it to most importantly he's got Spivey he's got hidden he's got options and he's really a dynamic player the UT's gotta look nice little future with I'll take a look at some games around the league and our lines camp the credit union scoreboard when we get back the fighting Irish and the cubs getting ready to do battle here Eastern Michigan in just a few minutes right here on FM one a one point five and eight and fourteen under the patriot the C. HSL game of the week is sponsored by cause pain and knee has recruiting. warrior fans for Julie inviting you to join us this Saturday as we traveled to the banks of the big lake the call to Kobe your warrior state in the state to take on the northern Michigan Wildcats twenty Josh would know what I will have a great game starting at twelve forty five all by the kick off at one o'clock open market the warriors take on northern Michigan on your home for the warriors FM one one five AM fourteen hundred the picture hello I'm Judy has the principal of St Catherine.

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Eastern Michigan University, Michigan, UT discussed on John McCulloch

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