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One thousand nine thirty seconds so this is something that they have to feel better about. Yes they nadia. Hairs is coming in hopefully now that s that play active element to the steelers. Offense has been non-existent over the last three years so banking get that help out there with the solid receiving core that he has out there and that takes the pressure off you know. How good can they be. This year can they. Can they can win the division or will they be in that third fourth spot. This is the first time in my twenty years of being around his organization that you can honestly say that. They're not the favorite in this division. You have cleveland yes. They beat them in the playoff round last year. Baltimore steel there but there are questions on the offense align with this team. They have five new players in every position at this point. That banner is the only one coming back. He started right tackle last year. He got hurt in the first four when he pours. Acl now he's moving to the left tackle position in now. Everybody else front. They just haven't been able to jail at this training camp. This offensive line has not had five guys consistently lining up in practice and here. We are almost three weeks to the today that these guys have to turn around and lying up and get ready for buffalo in week one so i'm concerned about that. I just don't know what we have an even in this game tonight. They won't have their fath- salaam and if they think is going to start in this particular Season opener on bass my biggest concern to the season batch how how important is just preseason training camp for the wayne haskins who came over and free agency once he was released from the washington football team last year. This is really important and you know he was. You know young immature down in washington. That's why he was released. And of course this league will humble you at some point in the manner at the way it has asked him was released and now areas with a fresh start stable organization. Mike tomlin believes in what he's capable of doing and he's had a strong and one advantage to him. They have a new office before nader amac canada's essentially everybody starting over from scratch with him. Having that element being able to learn in an ivory thing can unfolds. You'll have an opportunity to weisman rothlisberger figure out this. Run this offense and if he can do that that continues to gain a competence for him but he has to get better and he understand pressure is not there but when you watch him as a first round pick he's like man. I know able of going out there. Playing he showed it in the first preseason game against dallas. He's showing in in training camp. Thus far so i'm excited to see what he's capable of doing. Charlie us right now and the goodyear hotline spent ten years with the steelers quarterback when some super bowl certainly as well And and you'll be doing the game tonight. Tv analysts for the steelers on the game tonight battle of pennsylvania. The eagles and the steelers can we did mention. Jalen hurts as we're watching. Obviously all the quarterbacks here in the preseason something key and i've been talking about with jalen hurts is the fact that last year. He got the job on a sense. That doug peterson was trying to hold up as long as he could. With carson wentz and it just got to a point where they had to make the move and it felt like he earned the job because he wasn't carson wentz is he still have to prove himself. Do you think as the for the eagles to be their quarterback. Qb one not just a week one because that's who they have right now but for the long-term brooms of philadelphia's a tough city. It'd be a quarterback in in the way that he was able to get the job last year and now you have a new regime quite frankly coming in. They didn't draft him so they wanna seek them. Now take that next step. But how does that look. How can you convince everybody. Because they're still rumblings about them possibly bringing another quarterback to now run this philadelphia's team so he has a lot to prove to himself but to his organization to the fan base that he's capable of running this organization running this team to getting back to championship albertine like they was worse. So hopefully doesn't allow that pressure to county seat inside. He just go out there and plays his game. Oc he's able to take that next step from year one to too because if he doesn't you're not league as he they will now look to move on in a draft to get somebody to get some young talent in here run his franchise absolutely tonight's game. You're calling which young player are you looking forward to seeing the most as i go back out her. I want to see them. Bush i mean bush has two years ago. He was the first round pick. He's tours. acl in the middle of last year. Even playing with a little hesitancy but that comes with insults coming off of it injury but he's always played with speed so he he's that key in that middle of defense. They lost vince williams to retirement right at the eva training. Kim is the leader in that lack of group. I want to see him get going playing with a lot more confidence and then let that defense feet up the energy that he brings to them. What was preseason like for you. What was games for you. Everybody handles them. Differently are as different attitudes about the preseason said. They're the games might not matter but they do matter to each individual. Some guys who are trying to make the team for you. What was preseason. Would you have a good story about a preseason experience. Well early on. Baccarat our the starter. But as i got the pittsburgh i was relegated to the backup role for delegated to the backup role. So of course the a lot more. Because i wasn't gonna play in the regular season like i was accustomed to playing. So when you're out there with guys that you know that may not necessarily be here at the start of the regular season you have to get those guys motivated. Get them playing and see if you've been now lead drives consistently down here because you know those guys who are playing. The starters are watching you and knowing that if you can step into that huddle get the job done. That's where you read the confidence. Not only the players do the coaching staff. But i think for me. It was more or less. I got a chance to learn. Who the carolina panthers wasn't at four preseason game because the steelers played the panthers every year in the last preseason game became very familiar with them. Because i had my job in that game. So trust me yeah. It doesn't mean a lot when you're young player and you're a star but when you're kind of fighting for that roster spot man that preseason game it means a whole heck of a lot because you have a lot to prove. There's no doubt about charlie great to talk to you. Thanks for joining us. Enjoy the game tonight. All right i appreciate it. Thanks for having me charlie batch. Again he'll have the game. The.

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