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This is a little bit taking some time here at the beginning in the show but i have to give a big shoutout today because today is my eldest sons tenth birthday. My oldest son. Gabriel is ten years old today. He is my middle child after children. He's the one in the middle. But he but i have to say he's my eldest son because i have a daughter and then two sons and he's turning ten and it's crazy because i always remembered with his birthday. That was my last day in what was supposed to be my life long career i took i had spent ten years for those of you know i'll share a little bit about myself. I actually i have a degree in physics and a minor in mathematics and also that i have a certificate for secondary education. Along with that is is what i went to college for and i loved physics. I love math. And they'll reason. I switched from math. Physics at the last minute before went to college is because physics was math with a purpose. So that was it. I still really love numbers as you can tell with the staff geeky but I wanted to go into teaching as much. Because i wanted to be coach. That's what i wanted to do. I wanted to coach. So i got a job right out of college and i was began teaching and coaching. I coached high school football and indoor and outdoor track. I did that for seven years and when my daughter was born what my last semester. I wasn't coaching. High school actually coached at the local college but when my daughter was born i took a leave of absence from coaching because she was born right before football season started and therefore i knew that i just wasn't. Luckily she was born early a little bit and would she have been born late. It would have been already when practices started so i took a year off from coaching. And then that ended up being two and then three and then when my son was born actually took a leave of absence from teaching and a semester turned into a year turned into to turn into three and now turned into ten which allows me to do behind the curtain. So happy birthday gabriel. I'm glad that i had a chance to To to to take my turn after my wife took a turn we were. And then i won the flip for the third child Of of of spending time with him when he was born and it turned into this which is fantastic. So now out here. I am talking to you all on a thursday morning. You're like that's enough dave. Let's talk steelers. Yes here's what's crazy. I'm reminiscent we're gonna be reminiscent even more. Because what we're gonna be talking about today is kendra green kendrick green. But we're not gonna be talking about kindergarten. We're gonna be talking about what kendrick bourne could be. Katie green is my choice to win the job. Day one of the twenty twenty one regular season in other words week. One starter at center for the steelers. I just think that he's the best option. I know a lot of people would be any. Bj finney is a backup. That's what he was with the steelers and when he left the steelers struggled to even be that anywhere else so to come in and think he's going to be an answer as a starter. I think putting too much on him. I like bj finney. I think he's a great person. I like him in the role that he's in. I just don't know that he's the guy that you want to turn to totally if he's got start for awhile until green is ready. That's what it needs to be. But it's not like i think. Bj fini's the long-term answer at the position. where i think kinder- green is so you're like well. What are you talking. so much about. Kinder- green kindergarten was the steelers third round. Pick this year. And i went to do an article this weekend. This didn't come from a question from a user. This came from a question that i ended up posing myself. I went to write an article this weekend as much as i started diving into it. Either send a message to jeff. And i'm like this article coming later. This has got to be static this week. This is absolutely crazy. What i found. I was just looking for a simple answer and it was not a simple answer. And you're you're gonna love this. My simple question. That i had thought was a simple answer was okay kendrick. Green third round pick. What if he starts week one and then starts week two and starts the whole season. Who was the last third round. Pick to do that for the steelers. Wow you want to talk about having the dive deep the depth this had to go. I started with twenty. Twenty and i was working backwards. Came and lets you see how it worked out. You probably already have in your mind. Oh it might have been so and so it could have been so and so. Let's get this answer. So twenty. Twenty alex smith week one. He wasn't a starter he didn't start until week. Twelve after by depre- got hurt. He played ten snaps his first game. He had one tackle. So that's what i'm looking at. You know how many snaps you played in week one. What kind of stats did you have. When did you really become a starter. That was alex meant the year. Before was the andre johnson. He played twenty four snaps which was thirty six percent of the offensive snaps for the steelers and he had three catches for twenty five yards. But he didn't actually get a what would be called a start until week three but he played all the time. So you like okay. We're getting there. But he didn't really play a significant portion of the snaps until much later in the season the other two thousand nine hundred third round pick justin lane. He didn't play a single defensive snaps his rookie year and he's yet to become starter. So that's just that was what was. He wasn't even active for week. One you're gonna find this being a theme if you go to two thousand eighteen. There was two third round picks there as well mason. Rudolph inactive wasn't act of the entire season. He didn't start until year two and he wouldn't even started at. It's ben roethlisberger got hurt then. The other third round pick was ju- core for he played seventeen snaps which was twenty percent of the steelers offensive snaps in week. One he didn't have any stats. He was offensive linemen and he technically started week. One that's correct chook. Sikora for started week one of his rookie year. You're like why only played twenty percent of the snaps. He was the jumbo tight end and the steelers opened their season.

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