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So let's get the enduro cut back. Let's get the sand down 500 back. And it's planned for what the sand down 500 looks like post sand down, you know, it's a full pile in 500 come back. What does queenston race do? Revamp. And then worry about the international staff. And start in New Zealand and then go from there. There's too many question marks to start talking about Asia or America again. If we're talking about costs and we have throughout the program so far, is having a multiple two driver race is going to be too expensive. Should or could the sand M 500 come back as a one driver race? Oh, it's feasible, isn't it? We're told that the cost of having a co driver is significant for the fans on the hill. It's sort of hard to picture that it would be that expensive as a percentage of the total show. But yeah, that one's hard to tell. We've spoken about the rising costs to business. What we haven't said is often government support these things, governments around Australia around the world are carrying a whole lot of debt from COVID, maybe they've temporarily don't have the appetite to support new tracks in camera or events at sand down. Governments have to tighten their belts. Maybe that's a factor that really hasn't bubbled to the surface. You mentioned the Monaco Grand Prix and there was an interesting observer for Red Bull at the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend. And he is off to Le Mans on this weekend daydream, Mussolini. With the championship be helped by Shane van gisbergen becoming a GT driver. Well, in the way he's dominating, I guess it takes out the powerhouse. We've seen this before with Scott McLaughlin. The run he was on and then you take him out and then Shane was just stepped up. So it's great to see him doing international staff, especially after COVID, a lot of drivers missed out on that opportunity. And we see his talent week in week out. He's clearly something special. So it'll be great to see how he performs in that event. And then go from there, but if he continues to dominate at the rate, his dominion, it makes sense to me that he'd look overseas for some new challenges. Like Scott did and we've seen how will Scott stand in a discipline, we probably didn't think he would go. I thought it'd be NASCAR and I was shocked as anyone who was an IndyCar, but he's taken to it like a doctor water. I think one of the best things to come out of the recent race at winton is that someone took the challenge up to him. That's just so important for the interest in the championship. We saw last year championship wrapped up before bathurst. It sort of took away something that we normally love. I am interested in your thoughts during scapes amazing run with HRT. Every they changed the point score to try and bring the competition back. During Jamie's amazing run, they never played that card. It's an interesting different sky was able to overcome a gerrymander every year. Jaime was absolutely dominant and he has got the rewards for his work, but never tried to novel..

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