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Loved in trying to help or to love entering her plead not guilty bail set at five grand she also has to surrender her passport Lisa Jeff thanks America is listening on the radio Gail B. J. on Patrick Osborne and topping Austin's news nearly twenty five hundred lake Travis I as the students were randomly drug tested last year twenty eight came back positive so far this year only one test has been positive board member Bob Dorset says the program is clearly working in with vaping becoming so prevalent that should be added to the testing as well if we're going to do the best we can and give every kid the opportunity to say no then why are we doing the best we can school board to continue discussing the viability of testing for vapor products Dorset also says drug testing for all athletes should be mandatory Leander school board here's a proposal to add eight new courses for the twenty twenty twenty one school year executive director of secondary curriculum Krista Carlene says that the courses are added that would be offered at every campus right away but will determine where those actually make a difference have a listen interests you may not actually have it on that campus those propose courses focus on things like AP physics cyber security law audio visual production in architecture the board may take a vote at its next meeting single family home sales across the entire Austin Round Rock metro area were up seventeen percent in October compared to the same time last year according the Austin board of realtors sales in Austin proper rose by fourteen point five percent and the mobility authorities calling out those who are failing to pay their tolls to central Texas regional mobility authority board approved a prohibition on those who continually use toll roads without paying we're talking about someone who is gone months without paying their tolls after receiving multiple notices and told Bild director of operations Tracy brown says it does to earn forty three drivers are caught by law enforcement on the tollways they're subject to anything from a ticket to vehicle impoundment in south Austin Eric like newsradio kale BJ and now look at your news radio he'll be J. rate our weather watch clowns and does shower too early this afternoon giving way to some sunshine and a high of fifty nine low forty three tonight.

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