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President elect insisted that staying home can make a world of difference. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the Supreme Court ruling against one of his covert 19 religious restrictions is political. So I think this was really just an opportunity for the court to express its philosophy and politics doesn't have any practical effect. The Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 last night that religious liberty outweighs covert 19 precautions. Court temporarily blocked new rules in Brooklyn that put strict limits on crowd sizes at houses of worship in areas with high infection rates. Ah, congresswoman is infected with covert 19 Nevada Democrats Susie Lee revealed her diagnosis yesterday after she went to Ohio on Monday to visit her mother who eventually died. Li says her covert test on Sunday was negative, but another turned up positive. Florida Senator Rick Scott is proposing changes that he says will rebuild trust in our elections. Riko Shil has details. Senator Scott is calling for national voter I d requirements similar to Florida's Scott says Florida's election system works well in his goal is to make sure what works in his state is incorporated into election systems across the country. Small business Saturday is this weekend. The annual shopping fist has followed on the heels of Black Friday since its inception in 2010. The aim is to draw shoppers out to small, locally owned brick and mortar baby. This is this year, though online shopping is encouraged. I'm Tom Roberts. Colorado Governor Jared Pulis's spending Thanksgiving in quarantine. This is after he was exposed to somebody who tested positive for the coronavirus. The governor's office says he tested negative last night, but he'll be tested again in the days to come. The news comes after polls his fellow governor to the north. Wyoming's Mark Gordon, revealed his positive test yesterday. Three women in the national spotlight are now in the running for Time magazine's person of the year. Vice President elect Kamila Harris made history this month by becoming the first woman elected VP Stacey Abrams, credited with helping to flip Georgia Blue and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer handled attacks from President Trump while being at the center of an alleged kidnapping plot. Also on the list..

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